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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Monday storm.................

These pictures were taken Monday. We had a snow day on Monday it was snowy but clear first thing and the birds came in for a time.
 photo blu_zpsmqndu0mv.jpg
It got worse as the day went on.
 photo 103_2439_zpsnu2nvbz7.jpg
 photo bit_zpstl933tjd.jpg
I feel so bad for the birds when it gets really snowy and blustery. Our grapevines are a good place to sit and eat out of the wind. The bigger birds prefer the tree.
 photo 103_2405_zpsrh9xeq5b.jpg
The Junco's are all puffy.
 photo bird2_zpseffbh5u8.jpg
This is a good view down 9th st first thing in the morning.
 photo 103_2398_zpsjebupizo.jpg
Everyone likes the fat stuff, the peanuts and suet. I will have to go out as soon as possible to restock. Boy these critters are getting through the stuff. I know come Spring there will be one heck of a mess by the feeders. I expect the small rodents and things that live under the deck will enjoy a lot of the droppings. Thats why Boots (the cat) hangs out around there.
 photo wood_zpskaglv5uj.jpg
The same view down the road later in the morning and for the rest of the day, it just got worse and all the birds and squirrels stayed away.
 photo 103_2447_zps9c524ye9.jpg
The Mourning Doves hung around longer than the others, they don't like to give up.
 photo md_zps4shpw0du.jpg
The front trees heavy with snow, got more throughout the day.
 photo 103_2445_zpsojkeozbs.jpg
Before that the Blue Jays were stuffing faces as full as they could, they knew what was coming.
 photo bb_zpstgl2sb17.jpg
The apple tree was heavy with fruit. I wish that the animals would eat more of them. I think that the birds do get a bit as I hear them in the mornings chattering in the tree
 photo 103_2442h_zps2enl3fun.jpg
 photo 103_2442_zpskyd5io48.jpg
If the deer came this side of the main road into town they would LOVE these apples. They stay over in the woods mainly though. There is a very busy road a few blocks down with woods the other side. Its got a stream running through and is sheltered so they mainly stay over there. On rare occassions we get them in here. A few times the odd bear rambles through but I am never lucky enough to see any of that. I bet the bunnies like the wind falls though.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful post!! Truly loved all the pictures! I miss our doves. I think one of the cats got them. I love cats, but I think people who own them, should keep them on their property! We have been getting lots of snow too. But rain tomorrow! Darn it! Keep up with your beautiful pictures Janice! I love them!