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Friday, January 22, 2016

Sorry, More Crows..............

The crows come every day to see what I put out. No pretense any more. They hang out and wait. Or fly over when they see me outside.
I took too much meat out of the freezer one day this week. I had already taken out hamburger and some left over turkey from Thanksgiving. I made a stew with that and saved the hamburger. I was going to make some Salisbury steaks, got the mushrooms and everything else I needed. However. My husband finally brought up (from downstairs freezer) some foil wrapped object that turned out to be a ham on the bone. So, we had the turkey stew that night and the next. I then took half of the hamburger and gave it to the Crows........waiting patiently
 photo 103_2278K_zpsmtja4gma.jpg
Then they spy the goodies.
 photo 103_2327H_zpslyvrwxtr.jpg
OMG this is the best ever they say.
 photo 103_2313G_zpsrjxg5cem.jpg
Mum, why is you feedin dem birds and not us.
 photo 103_2287J_zpsyrr98msp.jpg
 photo 103_2288K_zps7qe4llid.jpg
Some stand and eat, some take it off to enjoy
 photo 103_2333J_zps8cedhqml.jpg
 photo 103_2298J_zpsnw6xhcfl.jpg
His mouth is so full and yet still trys to get more. His friends flew after him so maybe thats why.
 photo 103_2299H_zpsvcyrrxmg.jpg
In between, the Starlings are not adverse to some good meat
 photo 103_2304G_zpsewogerll.jpg
Notice in the one picture of the Crow flying off with his prize, he is dropping some. Well they come back and dig for that, they remember where it fell. Nothing is wasted. When I got the ham going I cut off all the fat and put that out for them. Boy have they had a good week.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Awwww, my heart is smiling! What a cute post! I love the pictures so much! You are so good to the birds/animals! I love your dogs peaking out! LOL! Hugs!