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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter lingers..............

Yes, another snow day tomorrow. I can not remember so many snow days in one year. I thank goodness I don't have to deal with that anymore. Why did I say that? I do......that means I will have the two girls over tomorrow while Laura is at work. Dang..........we want to go look at carpet to fix up the basement that flooded. So............what to do.
Well I took a few pictures to mark our progress through winter. This first picture I took at night, I like the shadows and light
 photo ba3ea0a5-4f10-42c6-a0a4-c2cf69d4c2d3_zps4203fc3f.jpg
The next couple are the back garden, or what was once the back garden. How long do you think before I can do some gardening?
 photo 46843594-4777-449c-9412-0e6d6ae42855_zps782b04b1.jpg
Can you see how far above the fences the snow is now?
Today Tristen was outside for a very short time. His cheeks were red when he came in. It is now -7 goodness knows what the wind chill is. This afternoon was sunny and about 3 degrees. Anyway he had a great time and let off some steam.
 photo da24cd0e-4af9-47f9-a58f-3066286b8365_zps748eb2ef.jpg
He is standing way above the fence line.
 photo 002b93d9-6814-4cf6-b82c-fc0a9ded7c32_zps4e60d984.jpg
 photo e0eafafe-c650-4723-9309-baf7319a4c14_zps7bf5af0f.jpg
He had a great time, but not for long. No one can be out in that for long without getting frost bite. As it turned out I didn't have the girls as Laura didn't have to work but Gerry did go to work. So......will have to wait to look at carpet. I will throw in a few birds that came to lunch but they didn't stick around either it was way too cold. Bodi didn't want to be outside either and could barely stand up out there her feet were so cold.
 photo 42c9f088-7e22-4016-96a8-11da86e04075_zps49d00b12.jpg
 photo 4903c03a-0507-4401-b794-ece1ec695ce1_zps317fab95.jpg
 photo cb8c3c45-bf47-4f9e-8e38-ee03488bee8d_zps8d3876dd.jpg
 photo d4a6ce42-811c-47a9-be9e-2bb4009a3441_zpsa44ae94a.jpg
 photo 5eefe826-9e5c-4c8f-b3c2-9128fbaa367e_zpsc1ed749e.jpg
The birds are very cold, all puffed up. I can see them trying to warm their feet. Do put out suet for them and lots of food. I throw out table scraps and bread, the Starlings like it and Crows and bigger birds will eat meat. So will Possum and Raccoons. I will feed any who come. I love the Starlings. It's such a shame that they are so timid because people chase them. I think I will do a post on Crows. They are such wonderful and misunderstood birds. They too are used to being chased off. Well they are all welcome at my table. I get pictures when I can, but not when it will chase them off.
 photo 5de9f500-06e1-4bcd-b291-3f0f5f5a38ca_zpsc222a052.jpg
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Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog
You must have a wonderful camera to take such close up pictures of the birds. I feed my birds also and throw scarps out for what ever finds them.
You are the only other Janice Kay I have encountered

Janice Kay

Cottage and Broome said...

Janice, I'm ready to be done with winter too so beautiful but way too long this year! I was minus 10 degrees down state last night too. I'm also longing for my garden up north at our cottage, I hope all my plants survive this winter. Thanks for visiting, new follower, Laura

Cottage and Broome said...

Forgot to say I loved our bird pictures!

Jann Olson said...

Janice, Boy is that a lot of snow! I think it will be a while until you can get out and garden. Sure does make for some pretty pictures. Love the shots of the birds all puffed up! I can see that no one could stay out in it for too long. Thanks for visiting me. I am now following you.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I love your pictures! I wonder how long it is going to take for all the snow to melt? We are going into another deep freeze, but by the end of the week, we are suppose to be a little warmer. Take Care ;o)