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Friday, February 7, 2014

Think Spring?...........

Oh I wish it was time to think Spring. Maybe its time to start looking at catalogues and garden magazines. I do know its rather inspiring to look at magazines. I enjoy thinking of all the things I would like to do this year. Then I think of the money. Sigh!!! always that. I also get inspiration from blogs, and I have seen some awesome ideas. It is time to begin making things. No point in waiting till I need them.
So..........if only I could get some free time away from kids I would like to go around the thrift shops and pick up things there. It looks like I will be watching Cooper all summer so it'S going to be difficult.
So how can I get the most out of the few bucks I can spend.
Out front I want to rearrange things a bit and take down the iron fence, and put in some boxwood shrubs to make a hedge. I will use the metal fence out back.
 photo 551db70e-44aa-40b5-b3b1-55fd6f097802_zpsfe3b989f.jpg
I would love to put a hedge between our house and next door but I know Bud would not like it.
The other thing I want to do is to get some 1/2 barrels and use those to grow veggies in. I have a couple of places I can put those where they would get some sun. I want to grow zucchini and yellow squash. Maybe try tomatoes again.
 photo 994f44b8-51e0-4457-b7a7-effffbbf98b9_zps06614d07.jpg
It will be all about growing in containers.
 photo 32fc78db-9c61-4692-bc55-82372e0601a2_zps9741740c.jpg
I have not yet been successful in growing in containers but this year will be different I just know it. I think this next picture will be great for herbs. I also have a good spot for it.
 photo 0494a070-65f9-49db-aae5-a93cbd8ef430_zps38a55108.png
Then there is this cool blog that also has a facebook page. Garden whimsey's by Mary give this a go.
 photo 98b0a321-f47d-4c85-89cb-39282096af48_zpsee315d4a.jpg
I already have some stuff that I can use and am just waiting to put things together. I like the idea and I think I will also look for some cups and saucers to put on stakes with ivy in. My garden is flat, so in order to make it more interesting I use things to give it height. The cup and saucer deal is one way. I have also dumped stuff up in one corner of the garden and planted ivy on it. I want to do another spot or two like that. I just need the dirt to do it. I am thinking of getting rid of the grass thats left out back. It never grows well so may as well put wood chips out there. It will be easier to maintain but the initial cost of the wood chips is an issue. We need new fences too. I am thinking I will have my husband pour some cement to make the patio area more stable. The kids keep moving the stones as they are. Lots of ideas. More to come.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Janice ;o) I am like you! I have ideas running through my head this year! My mom has a broken wood chair downstairs, and I thought, that would be cool to take outside and have the plants grow around it. I'm taking more grass away too. I'm sick of buying grass seed and sod! Can't wait to see what you do! Big Hugs ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

I forgot to tell you, my mom grows her herbs in wooden barrels and they grow well ;o)