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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Plan ahead...............

Even though we still have many feet of snow, its time to plan. I just bough some garden magazines. Oh boy, that really gets me going. I just can't wait. So in the meantime I saw this and wanted to share it. This poster names flowers that attract and feeds the bees. I think we all know by now that the worlds bees are in trouble. No bees. No food and extinction for us. SO.........plant flowers that will attract the bees.
 photo 7e7fbf1b-a06a-4ac7-8ca2-6c4f8d4e5c22_zps4d8c7fc8.jpg
I have to say that I already do this, and flowers that attract butterfly, but last year I saw no more than a couple of butterfly all summer.
So......I must try harder. I already planted the wild butterfly weeds and would love to get more, so if I can save some from the side of the roads I will. I plant them near the road so they don't get mowed down. They smell like lilac and have pretty flowers too. No butterfly came to enjoy them though. I also love the garden variety and have them in different colours.
 photo 2a403188-6c88-4a7e-afbf-c7dbbeea450d_zps27406294.jpg
I can not wait now to see what comes up, what will need transplanting and what I need to buy. I think I will put more money into edging the gardens and out back get rid of the grass and put in wood chips. I can enlarge the gardens and then let it go. I want to get Tristen a trampoline to play on or else a climbing frame, maybe both. I dont really know yet. In any case the grass is just not doing well so may as well just get rid of it altogether. I want a water feature like this in the center of where the grass was. The birds will love it
 photo e875671d-8da2-4505-88b9-894c9ddb2be0_zps831acd03.jpg
So, these are a couple of ideas. The paving stones on the patio need to be cemented down because certain children keep removing the stones to find bugs. Hmmmm need to foil them this year.
I will need about two truck loads of mulch this year I think. I would like to make a wall somehow. Not sure how or where yet.......I also want a high spot somewhere. When you start with a flat surface its hard to do that. I like to sculpt the garden to be how I want it. I have made some banks in a couple of spots but they sink rather quickly. Its funny how large rocks bury themselves back under the ground.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Janice! I am excited for the spring too! I agree, we have to plant more flowers to bring in our bees! Poor little guys! Your ideas sound great!
My friend, I couldn't find your e-mail address, so I am writing you here! I hope you don't mind ;o) I am crying happy tears! I can't believe you sent me the mouse! I love him soo much! He will be cherished forever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I don't know what to say! I am speechless! Big Hugs and Much Love! xoxoxo