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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Squirrel and the Crow........

Today I put out a lot of bread, also some scrambled eggs and sausage. I had hoped to attract the Starlings or Crows. I have one Crow who visits but seldom comes down. He will leave if he sees the slightest movement so its hard to get a picture.
Well today I saw two Crows.
 photo 796c89b5-da22-4f22-9776-aa5ebaf97073_zpsf332b3ba.jpg

They wont let me get a picture yet, this one is through a closed window.........what happened was this. There was a squirrel who had managed to drag a very large piece of bread up into that tree. He was resting from the ordeal. He had 3 other squirrels sitting hoping he would drop it. The Crow decided he would make sure he did drop it. He flew onto a closer branch but the squirrel moved lower. SO did the Crow. Then the Crow left.
 photo 48fd16af-d410-4eb9-bb94-1367b6123a88_zps4280cb35.jpg
He came back with a friend. They sat and stared at the squirrel as if planning things out. One sat on the wire and one went in the tree. The other squirrels were long gone and I wondered if a hungry Crow would take on a Squirrel. I was sort of upset that they could not see all the bread and sausage and stuff at the feeders. I knew they would not come down though. The one Crow does now and then but by the time I realise he is there he is gone.
 photo abad11cf-6df2-4781-9313-8da60f427d86_zpsda6ee982.jpg
As it happened someone else scared off the Crows so the Squirrel got to finish his lunch in peace.


MatildasCrown said...

Crows are very wary of humans and so are pretty skittish. It has taken me the five years i have lived here in this house to get where i am with the crows i have...and still they are wary of me. haha
Keep trying.

Marlene Plasencia said...

That's so nice that you put food out for them. I even like how they sound.

Magic Love Crow said...

I still have not got a picture of a crow!! You are lucky what you got Janice! I'm sorry the crows didn't get the bread or your eggs and sausage! I am sure they will come back and smile for the camera ;o) LOL! Hugs ;o)