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Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter keeps coming..........

The temperatures today were in the minus Fahrenheit. In the upper Peninsula of Michigan my granddaughter reported a -15 my daughter in law -11. Wonder what the wind chill was. The schools all closed because they did not want kids out in it, standing at the bus stops. The birds stayed away pretty much. One of the male Cardinals was sitting huddled in the grapevine, he obviously wanted to go to the feeder but......was all fluffed up. He saw me and decided to move but his poor little foot got stuck. He got it free but I bet it hurt. That made me think that so many of the birds and small animals wont make it. So sad. I wish I could take them all inside.
 photo c5234c04-721a-426f-951a-5dced2361653_zps35967fcd.jpg
I saw tracks on the front porch, looks like a bunny so I put some seeds out this evening just in case. Could have been a squirrel but not sure. The wind had blown them a little so was hard to tell.
 photo 1f57328b-c05b-4d0d-8f9f-f974a82abd07_zps878af89e.jpg
Tristen enjoyed about 1/2 hour helping Granddad outside. He is standing on where the fence should be.
 photo 76cbf743-b8ac-4408-b47f-f4044111dfc4_zps0c968fc7.jpg
Here they are filling the bird feeders and cleaning the (poop) deck for the poodles.
 photo 339f060a-4a05-4290-be90-a61849279f0d_zpsc78852e1.jpg
Somewhere under all that snow is the pond. I sure hope the pump is still running or those poor fishes will be ice cubes.
 photo 2ad22124-7f7a-4f13-9679-b44584069771_zps01d10969.jpg
Tonight the fence looks a little wonky, hope it holds up to the weight.
 photo 6a64cbf3-d198-46ac-b1d3-a91c47b96fb9_zpsf6837c43.jpg
The front garden has long since sunk under several feet of snow.
 photo 697ce8a3-5916-4063-982e-cbef305d9474_zps32c05a46.jpg
Gets deeper every day. The porch looks nice though. The fake holly looks real under the snow.
 photo f14ec25f-665a-4154-8ba1-2f608818b4a6_zpsed4c5e41.jpg
.......and everyone liked the rocking chair so here it is today.............
 photo 980f6431-7d6e-44ff-89a3-40a5912c5763_zps148a1d37.jpg
Lots of snow right? Well the roads are terrible and so when Tony came to pick up Cooper I advised him to spend the night. He said that it was sheer ice coming in and so was reluctant (I could tell) to go back. So I got in touch with Gabby who only works a few blocks from here at the hospital and she will also spend the night. I will feel better that I know they are safe and not on the roads with the baby. It would not be a good time to end in a ditch with these temps.
The mail man made it early and had to make his own tracks. It was no too bad at 10am but I think the path has filled in now and there is a lot more coming
 photo bf9adc1a-be0f-4fa0-9061-6fee8747b882_zps3dc675bd.jpg


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I don't know if this is a "typical" winter for you, but please stay safe! We are in the minus column with wind chills and today's high will only be 12F--not really typical for us.

Connie said...

Oh, I got cold just looking at your photos and reading your post. You are in my prayers and God bless you for being such a sweet heart and opening up your home in these terrible weather conditions. Hopefully it will warm up soon.
Keep smiling and stay warm,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
P.S. That shot of the rocking-chair belongs on a hallmark card . . . very pretty :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I love all your pictures! We have so much snow too! I am keeping the feeders out for the birds and putting extra peanuts out for the squirrels and bunnies. The other day, I saw two birds huddled into our neighbour's door way. I thought that was so precious! I do hope they are all right! We are getting rain on saturday, so lots will be melting! I hope you get a warm up soon ;o) Keep safe my friend!