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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Every day a little bit more......

This winter is like when we first came over here. That would have been in 1971. In those early days living in Traverse City, it seemed like a lot of snow to me, but that because we came from England. In the late 70s we had several years of real heavy snow. The Bay froze every year it seemed. So I always thought that was normal. Then it started to remain open. The water levels went down and we seemed to have less snow. So this year is like we are back in the late 70s.
This is Bijou this morning looking for a place to squat.
 photo bca8ad52-4650-4343-9cc6-b63f649e764c_zpsf89fbf64.jpg
It seems like the guys have had to clean the drive every day, that means the snow banks get higher and higher. We expect more tonight. At least we can deal with it here. This cold is going all the way to Florida. They will be in the 40s (LOL) but we will be in the below zero's again. This is supposed to be for at least the next week. Dan was having a problem with the snow blower and had to take it to get it fixed before finishing,
 photo 6286fb10-f06e-4603-82c4-3ba42cbf9b3a_zps65299029.jpg
The good thing is we do have excellent road services. They came by today clearing the sidewalks. Hard to see over the snow banks now. The road commission is having trouble keeping up with this lot. They have places they dump all the snow. Those places must be filling up by now. Still they are doing an excellent job.
 photo 0a123d06-85b8-403a-8d62-115cbb3fe03d_zpseb1e2d58.jpg

Looking down our street this morning

 photo 7a7257ea-ea1b-4ae8-be46-565bb926ea83_zpsd3bc9e5f.jpg

 photo 6c5b3d6e-b440-40e3-866b-1940a54db5aa_zps8f1a6d11.jpg
I think maybe when I can get around to it I will start to look at Spring flowers. Right now it seems pointless, and its not easy to get in the mood when there is all that snow out there.
Meanwhile I guess we will have to make do. I did get a couple of cool pictures today, not great because they were taken through the window. Normally I open the window but it was so cold I didnt want to leave it open because my hubby would complain. SO I got the shots through the glass so not crisp as I like and darn it all I got the Jays in flight.
 photo 628ecd85-cd6c-445a-bb81-a7df5f371860_zps36f70ed6.jpg
 photo ba797b7b-8037-4179-956f-779aac457239_zps06cc5551.jpg
 photo 72e48d86-1857-4265-89d3-f0b8029ad840_zpsd25f06a8.jpg
I wish I could have got these through the open window instead of through the glass. Ah well. There were also about 8 of them today. They didn't like the squirrel or the Mourning Dove. One would think they would not be so fussy would you.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...


Magic Love Crow said...

Our snow is like you guys!! I have been shoveling all weekend and I have more to do tomorrow morning! You are right, I don't remember, this kind of snow fall, in ages! And, we are back into a deep freeze! I love the blue jay pictures! They are amazing! I'm late getting around to your poem blog, but I will be there ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The blue jay photos are awesome! How skillful or lucky of you to catch them in flight and so clearly, too!

I think we are all experiencing the same thing--more snow than of late and icy cold temperatures. Nothing you can do but hang in there!