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Monday, January 13, 2014

Same ol same ol...........

 photo 7780bf53-b818-4dd0-9d67-78ea7a660881_zpse545969a.jpg
Well hello there, you have not been around in awhile. I am talking to the finch of course. Yes, its that bad.........I am talking to the birds. Some call it cabin fever. There has just been sooooooo much snow. It did stop recently and the birds came back. I think everyone survived.
 photo ca1bd0b5-9848-4b7f-b1c3-4e0e1bf81535_zpsf953c4b4.jpg
Even I survived. Barely. It warmed up and the snow has started to melt giving us hope for the future.......yawn. Then again, the temperatures are due to plummet again. Meanwhile this guy has not been around in awhile either.
 photo abae22a7-e36e-4ade-867b-f09b5e8037b2_zps3f9eaec2.jpg
Then this guy showed up and asked if he could join in the fun. I didn't have the heart to chase him off. After all I had put out peanuts.
 photo 13aea8e8-2af5-436f-9903-8fad37ebe8cb_zps4c7a44ca.jpg
The usual suspects always show up for a good feast. I mean I had put out bread with peanut butter on it, peanuts and corn, sunflower seeds as well as the usual bird seed. I also served suet and a new block of bird goo stuff with seed in it. That I put behind bars so the squirrel could not walk off with it.
 photo 00228fd2-1636-4b45-879a-8597dbb78115_zps23019f86.jpg
Then Mrs C showed up and ate the last of the berries off the Mountain Ash instead of coming down to mix with the rabble. She is speaking with her mouth full you see? Caught in the middle of a snack, its an orange berry so barely can be seen in the orange beak, but its there alright...she looks guilty.
 photo 20317273-88df-4386-ae33-9b40060a49ce_zpsb7f4ad22.jpg
Meanwhile, its raining and the poodles are in need of a pee as well as a haircut. Bodie does not like getting wet when her hair is long. You can imagine why, she would look like a Highland Coo (cow) if she was wet.
 photo 54b351fd-9e61-4d4d-905c-c9f289da3ce5_zps8c6a4d9b.jpg
 photo e8534684-62de-4c2c-92d0-d6fd00ed2fec_zps2ffa84cf.jpg
Then there is Bijou she is desperate for a haircut
 photo 557ec0ea-0286-4390-9baf-1d48a601efd4_zps90c9031f.jpg

(so are the other two) You see poodles hair does not stop growing. They have to be shaved. If I do it this time of year they freeze. Well Bodi, she doesn't like us plus size gals she is always warm. Bijou needs to be done because her face and eyes need to be cut or she gets really crazy looking. The two small ones will wait till it warms just a bit. So that will be the excitement for this week.
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Merlesworld said...

The dogs look good with their long coats and so much warmer.
Many great bird pictures.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your puppies in the long hair! They are so cute! I never bore of your birds!! Love them and I even love little squirrel too ;o) Hugs ;o)