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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Will it ever end...............

I am hearing folks in England (as I always do this time of year) telling about the daffodils popping through. While here it's like "will it ever end?"........well here are a few pictures from today.
First off Gerry is shoveling the new falling of snow, so tired of hearing snow blowers.

 photo 397139cc-45e4-4898-9a08-488296320d64_zps53b93484.jpg

See how high it is in the back garden? The gate is trashed, so looks like we will certainly have to do the fencing this year when we put in a new back door and fix the deck. Sigh..........Anyway. Two of the poodles got their hair cut. Poor Bodi......they told me she cant go back. She is so um (shhhhhhh) fat that she cant stand that long to get groomed. SO diet time for poodles. Think I said that before. So with that in mind Gerry shoveled a path so they could run, they were not keen. It was too cold.

 photo 5ed9cbbb-f473-43b0-9a3c-4fff30b8676c_zpsa6482796.jpg

Bodi was determined to get back inside. We didn't get the two small poodles done as I can manage them myself for now.
The Squirrels were out en masse
 photo 78a29b14-e0c9-4a57-b401-baf1a8768058_zps230e5854.jpg

The Blue Jay was next. I noticed when I threw out the bread that one of the larger squirrels was hauling stuff off and burying it in the snow. Still the Jays got their share and were interested in some of the other stuff I put out.
 photo 05c6639f-3a67-41c4-aa5f-24897b91b38a_zpsdeb835e0.jpg
 photo 99d647bf-d4f4-4b5c-9bf5-7e3db8cb0ed3_zps1f9e80bf.jpg

Thats my exciting day...........while not in the kitchen I was bird watching.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Fantastic pictures! Poor Bodi! Losing weight is not fun! Our snow has calmed down for now, but we are in another deep freeze! Very cold! Can you give me the address to your poem blog? Big Hugs ;o)

Candy S said...

Great pictures, I love to bird watch in the winter. We get a lot of cardinals and goldfinches in the backyard feeders. I love the Blue Jays but they tend to scare away the smaller birds.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It is snowing here today thru tonight and into tomorrow morning. At least we are getting the lesser amount of snow this time, but the temperatures are plummeting again!

Trisha said...

My dogs need to go on a diet does their mom! Have a wonderful weekend!