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Friday, February 1, 2013

New Bird pictures..............

Lets begin with a view of the deck.....the grapevine to the left is the haven of Chickdees who wait in there for bigger birds to get out of the way. There is a certain amount of shelter too when its snowing or raining. I stand at the window with it open to take the pictures and hear them nattering to each other in there. They often don't see me, but dont seem to mind in any case. Unlike the bigger birds who seem more cautious.

The bird feeders are far enough away that they dont mind me too much. This guy was hiding in the burning bush, and I did not see who it was.


The Chickadees were very happy with the selection of food. Notice the one with the seed in the air?? He looks as though he tossed it and was in the midst of catching his treat

The Mourning Dove was not going to give up her spot to the Starlings.


The Red Bellied Woodpecker would not stay while I was at the window. He sulked in the tree no doubt coming back when I left.


This Chickadee would have rubbed his hands in glee had he had some......was delighted with his find


We get the same old visitors, I would love it if some of the transient birds would stop in on their way back north. Don't suppose that will be any time soon. I have not seen any Waxwings in ages, we used to get those quite often. Instead the Nuthatch came today.


This BlueJay was looking like a cat got him. Didn't stop him tucking in though.


Only one Squirrel today, they are supposed to semi hibernate but they come about every day and really deplete the stash.


meanwhile I went out the front to take pictures and was followed by Tristen in his Granddads slippers. His feet were covered in snow. I turned around to see him behind me. I only had shoes on and no socks so could not say much as we were mid calf in snow...........
On his way back he could not turn with Granddads slippers on and lost them by the time he got to the steps........he said his feet were "fweezin"

Granddad asked why his slippers were full of snow..................

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Magic Love Crow said...

Your bird pictures are amazing! I love them! I am laughing about granddad's slippers! LOL!

DeniseinVA said...

I too am laughing about grandad's slippers. These will be treasured photos in the years ahead. He is so sweet!. Love all the bird and squirrel photos also.