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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cold Birdies............

My poor poor feathered friends. It was so cold today. The wind was blowing and it was snowing most of the day, it was raining first thing so they had to be cold. My granddaughter Evie says that she sees little birds that have frozen on the lines and fallen to the ground dead, I feel so bad for them. I wish they could all come into my house.
 photo 3d220065-fbbb-43a2-a363-56d3c5d2b9ee_zps836ccd1c.jpg

The Mourning Doves were huddled up in the tree waiting for the squirrels to go away. I chase them off (the squirrels) once they have had their share so the small birds can come in. The Doves sit on the feeder and stuff thmselves, they take a peck at anyone who trys to move them on. They are not shy.
 photo 5510c3f4-6710-4977-a3d4-af57a9740f41_zpsd5474405.jpg

The Cardinals are still around, both Mr and Mrs came today.

 photo cbac4fff-8ae0-446f-822c-8da3c23c5e1e_zps6e2b294a.jpg

 photo b6ca3282-bda7-4906-9101-6383402d9415_zps2b1ce5e1.jpg

The Chickadees and small birds love the grapevines. It shelters them while they eat and chat with each other.
 photo 211c3666-089c-4832-825c-6806f3ca5526_zpsf0b1e0f2.jpg

The Tufted Titmouse is just so cute..... I take so many pictures of them and, well all the small ones. I want to take them all in and keep them warm.

 photo 4555a8c0-a601-4a92-a58f-7dfffdbd149a_zpsdeaeb1ec.jpg

Feed the wild things and help them through the winter. Don't throw food away, Crows will eat meat so will Starlings. They all deserve our help. stale bread and just about anything that is edible, some creature out there will eat it. We have a Possom who is bunking under our deck we think, and I thought the Skunk was hibernating there, hope they don't meet when he wakes up or Pooofff..........phew!!! I do smell the little stinker walking under the bedroom window. My neighbour is not an animal lover, he wants to get rid of everything. Why????? They do no harm and even help out in the garden. So live and let live.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I agree, live and let live ;o) I love all your pictures! They are beautiful! Frozen birds? That is so sad!!