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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Crow came today............

I always leave my bathroom window slightly open so that I can take pictures of my birds. Today I had made Split Pea and Ham soup. The ham had a rind on it and so after I cut that off I put it out so the birds could have a go at the fat. Well, it was a great success. The Starlings were all over it. My husband came home and SHUT the bloody window.............I went and looked out and low and behold a Crow.......sitting on the path. Of course I could not open the window without scaring the birds, and of course the Crow went up in the tree. Darn it. I took one shot through the window.

I did at least manage to get a picture of him in the tree. I hope he comes back. I will have to rememeber to throw out some meat now and then and get those Crows down. The Starlings love it too.

My little friend was back


What a pest the squirrela are, but they are cute arn't they. So is this little chap. The Tuffted Titmouse.



Here is a new little guy today

Someone has a mouth full


Not much else is interesting today......the snow is still coming down and its still really cold. Poor things, I am going to buy extra bread because they get through quite a bit every day, dont just put out scraps now. So will have to start buying specials for the birds.


DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful photos, a lovely variety of them. We had a light snowfall this evening but like the other times, I think it will disappear tomorrow. Happy Sunday to you.

Beth said...

I really enjoy your bird photos. The tufted titmouse is darling. We only get one snow event a winter if we are 'lucky' and I think that we already had it in December darn it!

Magic Love Crow said...

We hardly have no snow! As I always say, I love your bird photos! Thanks for making my day, with your crow ;o) Make sure your window stays open! LOL!

Magic Love Crow said...

Forgot to say, I love split pea and ham soup ;o)

CraveCute said...

These are wonderful photos! Love all of your past few posts with the incredible winter wonderland shots. We are lacking much snow here. Nice to see how pretty it looks!