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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frosty mornings.............

Frosty mornings will soon be here. Right now it's dampness clinging to the windows of the van, but very soon it will be frozen. I just love frosty mornings. Its a bit early yet but I had to look for some pictures to share. (thanks to the web)
I can smell that fresh feel of the cold in my nostrils and remember some mornings in England when the nose would almost close on the first breath. That crisp feeling of clean air. The frozen webs of spiders and my dad's hedges covered in white with all the webs frozen on top and sparkling in the watery sun..........loved those days, more in November than October. Here in Michigan it comes a bit earlier some years and by October we could expect snow. So far its still warm and sunny but this morning was cool and its coming I can feel it in the air.


Some flowers are caught by surprise and are awoken to freezing petals..........the sun will warm them for now but soon there will be no going back.


A wonderland out there, where old familiar things look different now. My bedroom windows took on a magical quality. I would have to scrape off the frost from inside to see out. Had it snowed? No, just Jack Frost painting the window pains at night while I slept

No heat in the bedrooms back then, huddle back down in the down filled matress if you were lucky or into the horsehair if (like me) you were not. Still a thick Eiderdown on the top and a hot water bottle kept the bed moderately warm, with my poodle pal Poppett snuggled in with me and sometimes my hat and gloves on, we did OK. Some times we would shiver under the pile of blankets and could never get warm, it was good then to get up and sit by the fire downstairs and wait as long as possible before going outside to the Loo. Brrrrrrrr.

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