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Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12th.......

The Blue Jays were here in a family today. They were all over the place. I could not believe that the "babies" were still expecting to get fed. They were out of luck because mum did not give in. I think there are 4 or 5 in this family. They don't sit still long enough to count them. I am happy to say that they all seem to have grown their new feathers and don't look sick and bedraggled any more. In fact they were looking very smart.
The Jay family really enjoy the corn and peanuts. They seem like they swallow the corn whole.
Ithink these are two of the babies, at least they sure acted like siblings the way they were chasing each other around.

My other visitor today was Mrs Cardinal. She too is looking very well and has grown in her new feathers.
She tried the seeds in the boxes and feeders but she really wanted that one stuck between the boards. She had an eye on me and on the peanut or whatever it was. I saw Mr Cardinal the other day so they are both around. He is looking much better too but still does not have his pure crimson coat yet. He stayed at the back of the garden in a bush so I didn't get a shot at him today. I have a window in the bathroom that looks out on the feeders. I have taken the screen out and although there is a net curtain it does not get in my way. The birds seem to accept my presence there and stay because they have good stuff in their boxes. I even put in some dried cranberries.
So I go out to replenish their stash and just about got hit in the head by a knew I had been in the window taking pictures but didn't see me come outside. It was really pissed off, all I saw was its feet coming in for a landing and a thump squawk and a flurry of feathers as it took off again. It soon came back with its friends and the feasting began.


Well, not much else around today and it was raining all morning and cold. Tomorrow is clean up time in the garden. If not raining maybe I will get some better pictures, at least the sun came out long enough to get these few.

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paul said...

i love the blue jay photos

they really capture their beautiful coloring perfectly