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Monday, September 17, 2012

September Garden............

I have been working on the garden the last several days. The weather has been so beautiful,cool and sunny. I have got a lot done.
One thing I have noticed that the birds are moulting. They look terrible and have for a month or so.

The Mountain Ash was so full this year. It's now berry less. A whole flock of Robins have been stuffing their faces and its all but bare now. This Robin is looking a bit better than it was but the Blue Jays and Cardinals have not replaced their feathers yet. They have bald heads. At first I thought there was something wrong but I don't think so now. I think they are just getting their winter coats.


These little birds, Tufted Titmouse are looking as cute as ever though.
There's not a lot to show in the garden now, but I got the patio stones filled in. Still not looking its best but its cleaned up at least.
It seems bigger though
I have my garden broken down into rooms. The Patio is one. The deck another. The deck is more private because of the shrubs around it.

For some reason people do not seem to like the Grakel but look how beautiful they are.

Then the Squirrels are extra busy collecting nuts and burying them. My neighbour Bud is on the warpath and is after my Skunk.

The Asters are blooming. I have brought the remaining Geraniums around to the back so we can enjoy the colours for a little longer.

I have pink Asters and White Asters and have a deep purple one as well.


The pond is also doing well and I still have 3 fish.
The little corner with St Francis is growing in this year. I am trying to use things that spread and it would look just so much better if we could put in a real fence

The Morning Glory did so well when we put it in the ground and I just wish it would come up again next year. We shall see but if it doesn't I will get another.
So as summer winds down and Fall is just around the corner. I must start to plan for next year.

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