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Thursday, June 7, 2012


June is busting out all over...............
Will this year be better for my roses? So far they seem to be doing well. That is encouraging. I love the pale pink one.
Here are a few pictures of this pretty pink. This is a Blushing Knockout Rose. They told me it was an easy keeper. This is its third year and it is finally coming into its own. (Rosa Radyod)

A close up.
and another
She is really blooming this year.
Some of my Scarlet rose.Rosa florabunda "Impatient"
This one evades capture of the true colour but the one above is close.
She must have liked all the rain. I did feed them too so I will have to do that again.
My Blackberry is blooming, the blossoms are so pretty


They make such a pretty picture
My flowering bush and the Iris cover the Air conditioner. It muffles the outside noise.

The grasses by the pond make for a nice picture too. The Pansies have made a valient effort since it cooled down


They wont do well now its warming up again but for now they are loving it.
The cat is now confined indoors because she has her eye on a Blue Jay nest in my Snowball bushes so until they fledge and leave the nest she is again and inside cat.


The Deadly Nightshade made a comeback. I am reluctant to destroy it because its so beautful. I know at some point its going to be a pain in the butt.
Here's Tristen enjoying the outside.

Here is Gabby and Bodi enjoying the sunshine


View from the window.101_0016

The basket still doing well. Its been lovely.

Bodicea says "When are you coming in Mum"
Bella added her voice. " We want to go in"


So my life is ruled by four poodles and a small boy and a cantankerous cat

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