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Friday, June 1, 2012

End of May...............

Well it is certainly the end of May, today is June 1st. I want to post some pictures from yesterday. My Clematis is doing very well this year. I have never had much luck with them before but this year its coming along nice. It likes the spot I chose. The roots down shaded by a shrub and now its stronger it is climbing nice and flowering well.


I am fascinated with the insides of flowers. Notice how the lines draw the pollinators in to the place they need to go.


This picture is nice I thought.


I bought another Icelandic poppy because I just loved the orange one

The white one is so pretty though and I do know they have other colours, so if they do well I will get more.


My roses are budding. I have no idea how they will do this year. I have problems with black spot. Well I started off with aphids and just sprayed for that. I wonder if it will help with black spot?
I just hope they last long enough for the buds to open, we have been having cold nights, enough for frost.

My old farm rose is fully open now.


Flowering shrubs really help make the garden full of colour, at least for a time


This is the one the Clematis is friends with. I also have it in red. I tend to buy things that do well in different colours. That way I wont be wasting money.

This is the red one that is in the front garden and it likes the Iris.


I am trying to make my garden butterfly friendly.


Some of the other plants are not out yet. My Butterfly bush and the Milkweed are no way ready yet. Still I have seen more butterflys this year than the last couple of years. Thats great. I hope they keep coming back. I have yet to see the Hummingbirds. Here is a closer look at the Iris again


I am pleased and surprised to see the Azalea doing as well as it is. I am thinking of getting another one for in between the pines. This one seems to like the soil.


Zinnias are doing well and I have not planted them yet. They are still in their little pots, sitting in a bigger pot. I do have some in my container out front though.





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My Little Home and Garden said...

You have a lot of beautiful plants and colours in your garden. Lovely.