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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Indigo Bunting.................

On a recent day out we saw an Indigo Bunting but not close enough for a good picture. You can at least appreciate how pretty it is. We had gone to the Sleeping Bear dunes and I had only just said that I had seen my first Indigo Bunting there. Then low and behold this one appears.


I have to show you some good pictures of this bird because its really beautiful. I got them by searching on the web and have no idea who took them. I prefer to use my own pictures and apologize to the people who got these wonderful shots. Maybe one day I can get closer.

These sort of birds do not come into town. Not that I see anyway. They live out by the sand dunes.
My friend Jo lives out that way and I think they see them now quite often.


I will make sure I take my camera next time I am there. They also get the Baltimore Oriels and many other birds we do not get in town. A lot are passing through the area on migration routes.

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