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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winding Down............

The squirrels and small creatures are stocking up. They are eating well this Fall, so many heavy laden fruit trees and nuts. It seems that there is a bad winter coming according to the amount of fruits and berries. We shall see, the berries on my Holly have never been as thick as they are this year. The apple trees are so full they are in danger of breaking the boughs.
Today the squirrels were very busy.


The berries on the Junipers are large and full. I have not really noticed them so big before.


All the apple trees are full great news for the deer. I just hope we dont get snow early so the animals can all get good and fat for the winter months. What lays ahead for us? I just hope that it holds off till January. At least it's October and sunny and warm I am thankful for every sunny day.


Lavender seeds............


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Pieces of Sunshine said...

Signs of autumn everywhere while we are entering spring here. Love the apples trees laden with fruit.