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Monday, October 24, 2011

A final Look around the garden today......

Its time to rake the leaves and put things away. Time to put the glass balls and fairies safe inside for winter. Gather in anything else that may thrive inside, that's not likely. Plant the ivy so that can live and trim back things that need to be tidied up.
The birds are still busy, and the squirrels are busy making their stash for the cold days ahead and getting some meat on their bones to sustain them through the lean times. Don't worry little critters I will have food out for you.


I don't think the leaves will change any further before they fall off. I was surprised that the leaves are still on after all the wind we had. Then the rain. Still we have had some of the most beautiful weather this past weekend. There is little left to show in the garden. I found one beautiful rose still with rain drops on her.


There were a few more buds on other roses but they are withered from a cold night and I doubt that they will open. I will look tomorrow and bring them in if they open up. The last of the flowers for this year. I don't really like picking flowers for the house, I prefer them in the garden looking beautiful, but at this time of year they will die let them live a little longer and give us pleasure.


Tristens little house will remain empty now until the Spring, next year he will be older and will enjoy it more than this year. A more active imagination by then and he will have grown some more. What will we be able to do out there next Spring? well.......that remains to be seen.
One last little pansy smiles from its corner of the garden and will come back again next year.


The deadly nightshade is full of berries and the birds like them and so I will leave them be.

Photobucket put the garden to bed, to sleep until the Spring. A long time from now........I do not look forwards to what is to come.

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Tammy said...

Wow, you still have a lot going on in your garden! And it looks like a lovely garden too :)

You mentioned wanting to shoot birds. I have found the best way to get a crisp shot is by using the single point auto focus (something you can't do in auto mode, where the camera chooses what to focus on). I am new to this too, and no expert, but I have had good luck shooting in aperture priority mode for birds. This way you can change your auto focus, but don't have to make as many decisions as with manual mode.
If you decide to try it, I would love to know how it goes!