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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gardening or art?...........

I really enjoy my garden. I love working out there, its like art really. Design and plan then try to make it come out as you envision. It doesn't but thats OK. Sometimes a flash of inspiration just by moving one thing and getting a whole new look. What I enjoy is the wildlife. I dont mind the baby bunnies eating my plants, they are too cute and a joy to see. Well worth replacing plants if I have to. I know Bud next door would not agree with me, he always seems to be the victim of small creatures.
Last year we had deer come and eat all the hosta in the front garden. Why? we live in town for goodness sake. No regrets there either, they are most welcome. The neighbours put up deer crossing signs haha. The hosta come back the following Spring.


The birds are just beautiful this year, and now the stray cat is a permanent inside resident, they are once again safe. She can watch them from inside the windows like our other cats did.
The cardinals have survived, even though Boots did get one of them or so I was told. I hate that, outside cats getting the birds and baby bunnies. The neighbours were trying to shoot her with bee bee guns......well not to worry now. The birds are safe once more and so is she.


Bud sets traps every Spring, live traps for the squirrels. He does not like them because they eat his tulips. Takes the heads right off they do. They have also moved quite a few of them over to my side, he says that he can see them better now. Lovely bright red ones they are. Anyway, he takes the squirrels out to the woodlands and lets them go. Silly really because all that happens is that the next family moves into the vacated premises. I don't care one way or other as I happen to like the little critters and I put out food for them.


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