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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July garden..................

My lovely flowers on the deck are wilted and sad looking. They do not like the heat any more than I do. The grass needs mowing so bad but it has to wait another day. I guess the mower had to be charged (No idea why he does not plug it in when done, then it would be ready) Anyway, taking a walk around I notice maybe it's not quite as bad as I thought. It"s untidy for sure but a little pulling of the invasive ones and some trimming of branches and some pulling of weeds should set it to rights.
Thing is so many leaves falling off the trees because of the storm/wind the other night makes it look worse. I don't want to be outside that long at the moment. photo 20180701_155743_zpsy22xpu7o.jpg
Not a lot to see but each day another bud opens.
 photo 109_0150j_zpsbr8vna0f.jpg
A lot of yellow
 photo 109_0154_zpse2h7soky.jpg
 photo 20180702_100636l_zpsuu6etpqf.jpg
 photo 20180702_100342j_zpsoc29m660.jpg
But the pink ones are looking a bit fresher today.
 photo 109_0168_zpsdwednbqm.jpg
My Lavender may just live, still not sure but it seems to like this spot better than anywhere else I have planted Lavender. Still spindly but maybe next year?
 photo 109_0171_zpsavjdq4bx.jpg
There were a couple of visitors.
 photo 20180701_160138k_zpskcdbxfv1.jpg
 photo 20180701_160059kd_zps5ipjgk3h.jpg
 photo 20180701_155618h_zpsjvi4rvpz.jpg
The bronze and red is what I see quite often now. Sometimes others. It's a question of timing on my part. I think they have a schedule. Thank goodness for Daylilies.
 photo 109_0167_zpsqutrsguh.jpg
Why only one? There are a few daisy types about to flower but it takes so long to establish. I need to fertilize again.
 photo 109_0166_zpsdehiphtw.jpg
These Butterfly plants are about to open, I wonder if the orange one survived? I am not seeing it.
 photo 109_0162k_zpsd5p0pnet.jpg
The Poppies never bloomed and the Several other things seem to have died off.
 photo 109_0149j_zpstqa16wl2.jpg
In the Herb garden the Chives are blooming, I think this is the garlic chives
 photo 109_0146l_zps5fswqipj.jpg
The Rose that refused to move is flourishing. The part I moved did not survive. Pity that as it would have been nice where I put it. This came back and is doing really well so I guess it will stay. I will prune it back and try to keep it short
 photo 109_0179_zpsgueok5ch.jpg
The Geraniums that I overwintered have buds. I think this year I may repot them and bring them in again. I wasn't going to but I can put them up in Tristens room, maybe they will like that.
 photo 109_0178_zpsorqf0tlo.jpg
Not much else to see. I do need to trim the Mountain Ash tree up a bit, it is making too much shade for the garden but that can wait till it cools off,
 photo 109_0182_zpstpjnhfwt.jpg
I will leave it a few more days to see what else comes out, there are lots of buds.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I truly don't know how you keep up with it all Janice! It all looks great to me! Big Hugs!