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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A mouse in the house.......................

We have a mouse in the house. I have been saying that the animals have been eating way more than usual. I fill up the dogs dry food and it seems like its gone in two days, normally it lasts much longer. They have an evening meal and seldom indulge in the dry food that is always available. Well now I know, same goes for the cats. Eating way too much I thought. Now I have seen with my own eyes.A small gray mouse. She (knowing my luck) has a stash under the cupboard near my chair. I bet she has a stash of cat food under the stove.
Well yesterday, I was sitting here minding my own business when out comes the mouse. (I moved the bowls) Sits in the middle of the floor and looks around. Cute little bugger. Well I went to get a cloth in the hope of catching her before the cats do. Well I missed and she went under the stove. Not sure if I can get a picture.
Well, meanwhile a few birds came today.
 photo 103_0444k_zps7ixp6owy.jpg
 photo 103_0449k_zpsb8yalsfb.jpg
I believe a Purple House Finch. Roger Tory Peterson once described as a Sparrow dipped in Rasberry. Sounds about right.
 photo 103_0442k_zpsyg6lxkf9.jpg
This guy liked the bacon. I had some turkey bacon that was in the fridge too long for my liking so I figured the birds etc would like it.It's turkey bacon so not much fat.
 photo 103_0452k_zpso9ivdrud.jpg
I have been refilling the feeders so often because the dang squirrels come in a gang. Rather cute, but such a pest. Have to keep yelling at them to let the birds in for awhile.
 photo 103_0441k_zpsq6vslujh.jpg
The Blue Jays just love the peanuts but if the squirrels get in too often then they are all gone. Everyone seems very healthy, it must have been a good winter for them, plenty of natural food because they have not been around the feeders as often.
 photo 103_0439k_zpsletjhmdb.jpg
 photo 103_0437f_zpsywj595ih.jpg
Mrs Cardinal has been coming around
 photo 103_0468k_zpsbtin4nug.jpg
She is rather shy. I don't think this is my original pair because both birds are skitterish around me.
I bought a couple of garden magazines. It is supposed to go up to the 40s this weekend. I want to get out and get some pictures before the ice and snow is all gone but I am thinking Spring. It is getting lighter at both ends of the day. Yeahhhhh.


Denise inVA said...

Hi Janice, love the photos of your birds, such sweet little darlings. We had a mouse a couple of years ago. The snow was so high it got all the way up to the dryer vent, high enough for a little mouse to squeeze through and take up residence in our basement. Thankfully he went elsewhere as I didn't fancy it chewing through any electrical wires as I know they are apt to do. Cute little things but prefer all the cuteness to be outside ;)

Magic Love Crow said...

I hope you get the mouse out soon! Or maybe you could have another pet? LOL! Love your bird photos! Big Hugs!