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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blue Skys..............................

The sky is so very blue today. I took a walk around the garden with no coat on and just a Tee shirt. It was nice, and very muddy. Not quite time to begin a clean up but this weather gives me hope. I think I have time to work on my quilts then maybe I can get outside unless we have snow at the weekend.The birds were singing today like they think its time for nesting. Not quite, I have a feeling we are not done yet. Snow for the weekend. Maybe it will miss us, I know downstate has not had snow in awhile.
Look at this beautiful blue sky.
 photo 103_0493_zpsfodg2kcx.jpg
The Poodles wanted to go out and in and out and in and........well you get the picture. Brea sat outside for ages, yelled at every person who went by. If they had a dog with them well she yelled even more so that the others would go out to join them. What a mess it is out there.
 photo 103_0494_zpssauar6ma.jpg
Bella is our quiet one, but she is naughty, she climbs the snow banks and looks for a way out.
 photo 103_0513k_zpspeimewvr.jpg
The snow is melting fast though and there is nowhere now that she can get over fences. Naughty girl.
They are exploring their Poodle paths. This year I am going to widen them Make some more open spots and just put a planter on it. For that sort of thing I have to wait to see what comes up first. They like to be able to get to the fence and see who goes by.
 photo 103_0505_zpsiupvtptf.jpg
Good news from the pond. I saw 3 of the 4 fish today, so they made it. The chicken wire will stay over it for awhile yet. Bessie saw the fish. Wont be taking the wire off any time soon.
 photo 103_0515k_zpsjdcqhzah.jpg
This year we really must do something with the deck, it is slimy after winters snow and all the bird seed and stuff. I bought Gerry a pressure washer years ago that he has never used. Somehow I have to get this done. Slipping on the deck has happened a few times and I do not enjoy it.
 photo 103_0497_zpsdy4oexp4.jpg
The lady Cardinal was singing her heart out this morning.
 photo 103_0490a_zpsde3pbjnl.jpg
There were Finches hanging out as well. I got the pictures against the blue sky.
 photo 103_0495k_zpsr8qhun2v.jpg
Bodi went out for awhile but chose to sit in the doorway with a good view of everthing and everyone. Hair cuts coming March 4th. All 4 on one day to Brenda's Pet Parlour.
 photo 103_0518_zps71abjpu9.jpg
The news and weather is on. Says snow on Saturday, lets just hope it misses us.


Denise inVA said...

Enjoyed the photos Janice. You have cute pets :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Janice! We are getting tones of rain right now and I think we will be getting snow by the beginning of the week. So happy your fish made it!
(I don't know what I am going to do with the clothing. Every company I look at, it is so complicated! I might not be able to, but I will keep trying! Big Hugs!)