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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Birds are back...............

For today at least, the birds came back. We got a lot of snow the last couple of days. Not terribly cold but apparently they were very hungry. I had made a mix of coconut oil, peanut butter and bird seeds. That seems to go down well.
 photo 103_0276k_zpsg2b1hokx.jpg
 photo 103_0278k_zpsnjwgc8fb.jpg
The Chickadees are never far away, but today all the little ones came in. I filled up twice to be sure no one was left out. Nuthatch came, Mr and Mrs
 photo 103_0280o_zpse2qskfq2.jpg
 photo 103_0306k_zpsyvuj0ygo.jpg
Only the lady Cardinal
 photo 103_0317k_zpsyrsalpui.jpg
Woodpecker, well yellow bellied sap sucker anyway
 photo 103_0344k_zpszj5nkw1s.jpg
The finches.
 photo 103_0373k_zpsajncpxnp.jpg
 photo 103_0307k_zps7fsw7djh.jpg
 photo 103_0305k_zpsvqoovkpz.jpg
 photo 103_0294k_zpsymi5i03n.jpg
 photo 103_0296k_zpsbfmbdtn7.jpg
Then this guy showed up. Everyone hid
 photo 103_0376k_zpsvqdokkdo.jpg
Then the Bluejays came back
 photo 103_0339k_zpsu64fa9jq.jpg
 photo 103_0315k_zps8kqn87s1.jpg
It was time to let the poodles out while the Hawk hung around. Bodi cooled off in the snow bank
 photo 103_0378k_zpsg3ebwmzd.jpg

 photo 103_0379k_zpscyaowbjf.jpg

 photo 103_0380j_zps99nzyxi3.jpg
One more month before its time for hair cuts.
Meanwhile time to review gardening books and catalogues, time for planning. I will also begin to buy daffodils and tulips for the house so they can go in the garden for next year. I think the Hyacinth is the one that makes the house smell so good.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wonderful! I love seeing your bird photos! Tell that hawk to go away! LOL! Bodi is too cute! Big Hugs!