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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crazy weather................

It was 30 degrees the other night. Here it is June 11 and today has to be close to 90degrees. I lost the remote to the ceiling fan and about died shampooing carpets. Lucky Gerry found it in the garbage before it got thrown away. We spend the day cleaning house, Tristens room especially. Too hot for garden work.
Well, last night we got rain and that always helps things grow. The grass needs cutting and will get that done tomorrow in the morning before it gets hot. Meanwhile I have a few pictures of the garden this past few days.
I got a bit of ivy for the pot on the deck.
 photo 103_4552_zpsnbyccwnx.jpg
I don't even want to be outside to water the plants. I hate the heat. The fish stay in the plants to keep cool
 photo DSCN6055_zps2qvaoau1.jpg
This was the sky yesterday, the weatherman said a storm was coming through. Some places lost power but we were OK. Lots of thunder and lightening but not severe.
 photo 13315694_10154219412324761_3693800984815207867_n_zpsa662ipjn.jpg
The rain is always better for the garden than the hose. I will have to give everyone some more food and keep my eye on the roses. I have this nasty little gnat like thing that eats my plants. I want to find out what it is. Meanwhile a regular spray may work. The Lilac is out, I want to say French Lilac, but I forget. It's not regular Lilac and it smells divine
 photo DSCN6061_zpsyejnbcnv.jpg
The Begonias do well in pots and fill in where there is no colour. The base is an old lamp I made way long ago in ceramics class.
 photo DSCN6057h_zps7wqyhcma.jpg
I really must get some more Sweet William, I am so pleased all of these came back from last year. They are doing really well in pots. I think I will try to find some for the regular garden. I have them in full sun and part shade. I must look for other colours. They smell good too
 photo DSCN6044_zpsnf9aqjez.jpg
Last year I had no luck with Marigolds but they seem to have taken this year and I have them around the vegetable gardens
 photo DSCN6042_zpscnlukptz.jpg
My shrubs are blooming
 photo DSCN6047j_zpsn6x1kshu.jpg
 photo DSCN6046j_zpsiruzmhxy.jpg
 photo DSCN6040_zpsdafdwyv4.jpg
 photo DSCN6004_zpsbyp1bger.jpg
This one sets off the Iris
 photo DSCN6001_zpsjomgjelo.jpg
My Iris do well, last year for some reason they didn't but now they have more space and I think I will try for some different colours. I want some pink ones. We have an Iris farm quite close by but they don't sell until later on. I want them NOW. I love the Dutch Iris, it's like the wild ones.
 photo DSCN6003h_zpstxkkpsdd.jpg
 photo 103_4622a_zpsypyvqelh.jpg
 photo 103_4620jl_zps3ygcgr0g.jpg
 photo DSCN6015j_zpsmdyhf39z.jpg
The ones in the pond are yellow and I need to find a better container for the extra ones I had to take out.
I have some old fashioned Poppies. Usually they spread like crazy but these have not. That's OK as all the things that do, seem to be invasive. I like this one.
 photo DSCN6005h_zpsrqpjxxbz.jpg
 photo DSCN5996g_zpsejhxmu2e.jpg
 photo DSCN6028hj_zpsjchjzmzo.jpg
I have several Chive plants throughout the garden and love them for the flowers. I usually forget to harvest them.
 photo 103_4416a_zpsd9frpovk.jpg
 photo DSCN6026_zpsbthr0qid.jpg
The dogs only get to explore the back garden at this time. We haven't got fencing out front yet. Not sure we ever will but it would be nice. This is Brea.
 photo DSCN6100g_zpspitkolbp.jpg
This is Bijou.
 photo DSCN6092_zpspswshpsi.jpg
This is little Bella
 photo DSCN6088g_zpsoh7azieg.jpg
Bodicea or Bodi as we call her most often.
 photo DSCN6101_zpsaziueprq.jpg
Bijou and Brea, up to no good you can tell they are plotting something.
 photo DSCN6100h_zpsvggmb1sb.jpg
Today everyone stayed inside except the cats. The poodles did not want to go outside not even to the bathroom.I don't blame them but thats how come I clean carpet so often.This is Brea, Bella and Bijou.
 photo DSCN6090_zpsu1nbrutw.jpg
I look forwards to some cooler days, this is July/August weather.


Merlesworld said...

Garden is looking good so refreshed after the rain.

Magic Love Crow said...

We are getting the same weather! Crazy! I just gave the front of the house some water today and I will water the back tomorrow. Your garden is looking great!!! You are doing a wonderful job! Give the pups a hug from me! Stay cool!