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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Its hotter than a biscuit..............

It's certainly "flaming June" at the moment. We had some lovely days of temps in the high 70s and no humidity. This last couple have been up in the 80s, way to hot for me. I did manage to do some work though. I finished the front finally. Did the back and redid some of the gardens out there. Now the front needs doing again. We had several bouts of rain that made everything grow.
My tomato plants are too close to each other but I can't move them now. The squash may not have enough sun. Those are in a very large tub but it would be moveable if I have to. I don't want to.
Debbie gave us her bird feeder that was made by her dad, he delivered it for me. The house is getting ready to be sold and she didn't want to leave it. It is a beautiful job, it will be really nice for the winter.
This guy came to visit today, he must have taken a bath
 photo 103_4709k_zpsnpm2rryf.jpg
 photo 103_4708j_zpskgbx5dzj.jpg
He saw me watching
 photo 103_4707h_zpsohq9n4a4.jpg
But carried on preening.
 photo 103_4705h_zpsai8oyjql.jpg
The bird house is really big and will hold a lot of seed. Trouble is it also restricts the view for taking pictures. I will hang feeders as well so not too worried. A pair of little Woodies stopped by but didn't stay
 photo 103_4713a_zpshh1cgpx3.jpg
The Day Lillies are beginning to bloom. I enjoy it when they come out because I have a few different kinds. I want to get more when I can.
 photo 103_4722_zpseptep8sj.jpg
The vegetable garden is growing OK but I really don't think it will be too productive. The tomato plants are too close and the peppers are still quite small. Because it's been so hot I have had to water twice a day with the sprinkler and hand water as well. I think tomorrow I will feed everyone again.
One success has been the Roses this year. My old farm rose has bloomed well with several blooms and more buds. The first time since I transplanted it and the first in many years prior to that. My yellow rose is doing really well. Planted last year it didn't do much then, but this year is covered in blooms. The new one from this year struggles on, if I can keep it alive maybe it will do well next year.
 photo 103_4716_zpsxlkfnr50.jpg
This one was new last year and didn't do much but has caught up this year. So far I have avoided Black spot.
 photo 103_4639_zps6gjzaek3.jpg
I have a few other roses that I may transplant this Fall. They are not doing well where they are and so I will move them in with the others that are doing well.I must keep the light best I can by trimming the pines each Spring.
I cant afford to buy new plants anymore so I must make good use of what I have. I took some Hosta from places where they had all but given up and moved those in the hope of them filling gaps in other gardens. Next year I will have to thin out some of the big ones. A few other plants came up this year. Since trimming the pines it seems to have helped. I hope so.
 photo 103_4692g_zpsyxdntemn.jpg
I do know I will get some Sweet William seeds and plant for next year. Buds next door are doing really well.
 photo 103_4697g_zpslaxjzelk.jpg
Its good to see plants reach maturity. I have had to thin out so much that I feel bad, I have always liked plants that spread, but now I know why that's not always a good thing.
I found this feather, isn't it pretty?
 photo 103_4629_zps48ov3i7t.jpg
This is a weed, it's not in a good place but I will let it bloom before pulling it out. It's pretty.I see no point in destroying things because it's a weed.
 photo 103_4720_zpsubiydc29.jpg
The fish are still living, they enjoy some glass balls I put in the pond and they love the roots of the Iris to hide in.
 photo 103_4718_zpsel4968eh.jpg
The girls lay in the sun and watch me water the garden by hand, I fill up the fountain so the birds have a bath and keep the water moving.
 photo 103_4712_zpssudnqhgh.jpg
There wont be much to show now until the Lillies bloom. Meanwhile I can weed out some of those over zealous plants that will choke out the others. I am hoping for some more cool days to work in.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow girl you are keeping busy! We are so hot here too! We haven't had a good rain in like a month! Everything is so brown! I don't like watering too much, so the things that are dying off, are getting cut back. We don't know when we are going to get rain, so I think it's more important to have water to drink! LOL! But, I do give the trees some. Love the pictures! Hugs!