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Friday, February 19, 2016

Not just the pretty ones.............

Some people try to keep the bird feeders for the pretty little birds. I can understand that. The problem is they all get hungry. People usually tell me they try to keep the Starlings away because they are noisy and greedy. Well, have you ever really looked at a Starling? They are amazing birds. Really, they are. Have you ever seen a "murmuration" ?
 photo 1003441_tcm9-91817_zpskbbmrnzx.jpg
It is one of natures wonders. Besides, they are beautiful too and have lovely singing voices when not squawking and squabbling. They mimic other birds.
 photo 103_2815h_zpsnm21llku.jpg
That guy found the peanut butter. The suet container was empty and so I put some peanut butter in there. It froze and made a good suet. Well they really liked that. It took awhile to find it.
 photo 103_2820h_zpsxvhoqoa6.jpg
Look at the markings on this bird. If it was in sunshine it would show the peacock colours.Each feather is marked.
 photo 103_2811h_zpsdjxqwvg4.jpg
Then we have Blue jays. Loads of those too. They too are very noisy birds. One comes in and yells to his friends hey come on over, she's filled the feeders and within seconds the feeders are full of birds.
 photo 103_2807j_zpsxas5amg8.jpg
It is amazing that every bird is different and yet the same. Some have personalities that just burst through.
 photo 103_2817g_zpsywtjcrpu.jpg
The alert expression in the eyes.
 photo 103_2796k_zpsohfidxbs.jpg
 photo 103_2787j_zpsg7yhncx6.jpg
The colour and markings are beautiful.
 photo 103_2785k_zpsfzqs0xno.jpg
I am happy when I get a picture of a bird in flight
I had to include my crow..........another disliked bird that I love. They are so intelligent.
 photo 103_2795k_zpsnqf48hib.jpg
They are also very beautiful.
The real pest is the Squirrel. They are unrelenting. They get hungry too so I feel bad chasing them off. They get their share though. Trouble is now I have about 10 coming every day. Way too many. Bud will be putting his traps out come Spring I have no doubt.
 photo 103_2801j_zpsfjhoozrh.jpg
The black ones are smaller but more aggressive
 photo 103_2803_zpsjf1wvoos.jpg
I think they cohabitate. Some blacks have red tails.
 photo 103_2802k_zps47ewhddp.jpg
The squirrels can take their food and go sit on a nearby tree and enjoy a good snack. Then back they come for more. They also hide some of it and sometimes the Crows find it.
 photo 103_2808j_zpsquf2klak.jpg
One of the fiestiest birds is the Mourning Dove. I love watching them hold their ground or even give one of the others a good whap with their beaks. They are not easily intimidated.
 photo dove_zpstufnmeym.jpg
That guy was getting himself a wash and brush up, sunny on a pretty day.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What amazing photos! Truly loved them all! I am like you, I love all the birds and animals, even the squirrels! I was sitting today in the kitchen, watching the birds and then I started to feed the chipmunks!