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Thursday, February 11, 2016

He's Back......................

Today we had another visit from a Hawk. Now I have tentatively ID him as a Sharp Shinned Hawk. At first I thought he might be a Cooper's Hawk. They are very much alike. Then when I am done I better go back and see if its the same one as before. It was snowing so bad that day I doubt I will be able to ID him.
 photo 103_2533k_zpsgxo41nsp.jpg
This time I did get a few better pictures. I watched and didn't see him go for any of the birds who were busy at the feeders. After the snowy day yesterday only the Squirrels were in to feed. Today they were very hungry and the Starlings and Blue Jays were very hungry. A few small birds came but not many. I think the gangs have kept them away and the squirrels.
 photo 103_2532k_zpsweaaslgf.jpg
 photo 103_2540k_zpsd4uxipz0.jpg
Well I didn't see any violence or sign of it so assume the hawk went hungry. Or was full.
There were plenty of Jays and Starlings to choose from and when he sat in the tree near the deck the Mourning Doves sat just above him with a Blue Jay so I think they knew something.
The Mourning Doves came in a flock of about 15. They don't move for anyone.
 photo 103_2518k_zpstu9yfgbp.jpg
 photo 103_2546_zps2htsqn4m.jpg
They will clean up the floor but sit on what they are not ready to eat so no one else gets it.
"Is my butt getting fat?"
 photo 103_2543h_zpsmoktqzqy.jpg
The Starlings come in and everyone but the Crows leave. Well the Blue Jays will stay and battle things out when they are hungry enough
 photo 103_2548k_zpshjzodqef.jpg
Someone appreciated the new Suet.
 photo 103_2545k_zpsenjxdge7.jpg
I did see the Cardinal today for a short time
 photo 103_2542a_zpsett1hxbi.jpg
All my scraps now go to good use and are appreciated
 photo 103_2529k_zpstvsyipnx.jpg
The little Woodpeckers were happy. There is something in that tree that attracts them. I think maybe they hide stuff in the little crack in the bark?
 photo 103_2526g_zpsftlorr5v.jpg
 photo 103_2522k_zpsj27mvqje.jpg
Not a lot to report today but wanted to see if anyone can ID the Hawk. At first I thought A Coopers Hawk but on further study I am thinking Sharp Shinned. What say you?
 photo 103_2536k_zpsv3nqvf2p.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous post my friend! I think you are right! I think he is a Sharp Shinned hawk! He is beautiful! You are so fortunate to have so many birds around you! I get so excited when I see new birds around! You made me laugh about your Mourning Doves! Hugs!