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Monday, February 8, 2016


So my recent descision to eliminate beef and pork from my diet has something to do with character. I believe each and every creature has a personality. So to me, birds and beasts are people. Not sure about bugs and insects but I will draw the line at birds and beasts for now. I have read that certain people do connect with the lower orders but to be honest I find them rather creepy so I will avoid that for now.
I am learning this as I go.
I do know that among my Crows there is one particular character who stands out for me. I must find a way to ID him.
 photo 103_2461a_zps9sodyf6z.jpg
Trouble is they all look alike. Isn't that what people say? All Chinese look alike, they say all whites look alike well with that in mind the Crows and blue jays must have some personal ID. How do I find that?
While they are much more comfortable around me they still fly off when I get near a window.So its hard to study.
I must say that they have been eating very well. I have put out Hamburger and I found two Cornish pasties when I cleaned the freezer, they ate those. The Squirrels were confused when I put out spagetti noodles.
 photo 103_2437j_zpsmqrc5ktt.jpg
That one gave it a go though
 photo 103_2436k_zpsivski0dl.jpg
I don't normally throw out food, but have been looking for free stuff in the freezer. The bird seed is getting expensive. We buy an extra two loaves of bread for them all.
This guy got an apple I had thrown out that Tristen did not finish. He took his prize and hid it.
 photo 103_2429g_zpsyuzgmsdx.jpg
 photo 103_2431j_zpszsx7evkd.jpg
I saw him later taking it down to his house via the over head wires doing a magnificent balance act.
All the activity seems to have kept the small birds away. So many squirrels around, Starlings and Crows.
 photo 103_2418k_zpsihlbio5q.jpg
The Cardinal thinks it's Spring and sings his heart out every morning.They come in to the feeders in the evening when the others have given up.
The Starlings are like Pirahna I put out food and its gone before I can get a picture
 photo 103_2416_zps3h4sxvcs.jpg
It does mean that nothing is wasted.
So now how do I begin to identify my feathered friends. I think it's impossible. Impossible with my limited experience. I guess that's why people tag them huh!!.
Boots did not enjoy the new dusting of snow. She does not like her feet wet but something in the grape vines caught her attention.
 photo 103_2454_zps9p5jk6zq.jpg
Then as soon as she saw me at the window she asked to come in. I had to laugh, she has no front claws and usually squeezes under the gate but with new snow she cant. So she is exercizing her arm muscles to climb the gate
 photo 103_2410_zpstf7f5scg.jpg
I am wondering if the new Kitty will go out. She is very interested. Not declawed but is very young. I cant afford to give them shots. Boots I don't worry about, she sticks around the garden. Bessie, well I don't know. She is much more cat like than Boots who is very laid back. Bessie is just full of mischief.
 photo 103_2482A_zpsngi0gjyi.jpg
 photo 103_2486J_zpslkopr4io.jpg
She plays like a cat, is a pest like a cat. Bugs me all the time when I am cleaning. She attacks my feet from under the bed and gets into everything. I open a drawer turn around and she is in it. Here she is complaining her food bowl is empty. I am still feeding her soft food to fatten her up but that must stop at some point. She eats the regular cat food in between.
 photo 103_2511J_zpsvcuyvytt.jpg
If I am watching the birds she gets in the window in the way........ah well. Anyway.........there is a definate difference in my two cats personalities and even more so in my poodles, in fact every poodle I ever had. It's funny really how we can be so unaware of this, until we are. Then we notice more in other animals. I think the people who do research are very unqualified to judge animals. They have to get to know them, live with them before they can say things like "they dont feel guilty" or "ashamed" or "embarrassed" or "love" .............well, all I can say is they never loved an animal or really knew one or they could never say that.


Merlesworld said...

I throw out all my leftovers, Drummy and the wild birds clean it all up.
As for telling birds apart he can always tell when we see Pidge out and about in the neighbours houses, most of the neighbours know him too, but he is fatter than the fully wild ones.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your animal posts! That squirrel with the spaghetti is priceless! I don't know how to tell the difference between the birds or even the squirrels! Good luck! Gorgeous photos! Love the crow one! We throw out food for the animals too and I think it's so funny! I probably have said this before, but you should make a book with your photos! Hugs!