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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mrs Robin.....................

I went out into the garden today, I wanted to see if I could find something to write about. Well I did take a few very boring pictures. Nothing is more than an inch above ground. Still there was a Robin feeding, or at least looking for worms. So I waited and hoped to get a few pictures.
 photo 2f4157e0-1568-477a-bad4-0b6555514ab5_zpsf646514d.jpg
Then I noticed he was gathering nesting material. The nest is on our porch. Oh no. Every year the Robins nest on our porch. Do they not see the cat?
 photo c4afc445-8512-423b-bc15-f633ad2a9fd1_zps587c9ee0.jpg
Well she was certainly determined, but we had one who was pissed off every time we went out the front door. She eventually left. I had one who woke us up in the middle of the night. Her kids were jumping out of the nest and fluttering off down the road. There was someones cat after them. There I was in my nightdress, middle of the night chasing baby Robins down the road and popping them back in the nest. Robins can be a pain. After that she came back for a 2nd batch and we have had at least one Robin nest there every year. Most do not make it. Has to be hard being a Robin parent.
 photo fa30ba63-79e6-48c4-b1c8-1f0cb16635cd_zpsc34b0035.jpg
Last year some Blue Jays nested out back and they had 4 babies. Something got them and they all died. Its such a shame. Must be heartbreaking to get that far to loose them all.
Meanwhile as we were looking around the yard for growing things, we noticed the pile of snow still on the side of the garage.
 photo 2c514955-6448-474c-ad8b-9b80652f0480_zpsc53c2073.jpg
 photo 68aea20a-97ab-46ca-9b55-fdf2474f5334_zps47e47b50.jpg
Well there is a few crocus popping through. They came from Bud's yard, thank you squirrels.
 photo c0dfc7ca-3662-44b4-bbf4-1d0c6269f511_zpsf862be13.jpg
Beautiful arn't they....wont be long and Spring will be bursting out all over. I hope.....


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great photos! It's funny to see Tristan in shorts climbing the snow pile! Crocuses...ah Spring!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your bird photos! You saved the Robin babies, that's why she keeps coming back ;o) It is hard to see, when the babies don't make it! Sometimes I don't know how the birds last! Love the picture of Tristan on the snow! LOL! Don't you love squirrels! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)