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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun in the garden.................

I was looking out the window and I saw a bunny. So I rushed to get my camera.
 photo d0a6404d-96d3-4f52-b07d-6a418e183041_zps88590fd8.jpg
He is a bit blurry because I took through the closed window. This one sits there and looks like a bunny. After a bit I realize he/she is not alone. I watch for awhile and they start to play. Chasing around the front garden leaping and bounding and then I see there are three of them. They race off down the road. I am afraid they will be hit by a car.
 photo 3a654d6f-98cc-423d-9cd7-8af44c9a10c4_zps6c743d2f.jpg
I went and watched out of another window and saw one cross the street. Pretty soon they again raced through my front garden. I wonder if they were courting?
Looking closer I wonder if they are Snowshoe Hares? They seem to have white fur that is changing to the summer brown? Look at the back feet they look like hare not rabbit. They are the size of my small poodles.
 photo ff8b102d-55e0-4d55-a277-8e00b8d17235_zps2fd09dd8.jpg
This one laying down certainly looks as big as my poodles.
 photo 0e73c7de-d9e5-4788-9788-d5d461d84f37_zps4042cd08.jpg
After a rest and a few more laps they ran off across the road and down the ally. I hope they come back, I hope they have a nest and raise babies. I hope the parents beat the crap out of any cats (including mine) that go near. They are big and strong enough. We have had babies here before and I love how they will face the wall and stay still. Seems they think if they cant see us then we cant see them. I put out seeds for them. I think our local Skunk was indulging last night.
The next picture is of our Mourning Dove who is nesting on the porch
 photo ae86adc5-b29f-4c39-a375-6098e191a56c_zps59556cbf.jpg
This is where the nest is. Above where I hung my friends hoops. She lands on that and then pushes her way into the nest
 photo 0008b818-9a2a-46fa-80c2-c85487c7b22a_zpsf03f1c2b.jpg
Cardinal is singing his heart out on the garden post
 photo 25e35f2d-e2a9-44b4-bfaf-3fca2f370fb6_zps3e998ca1.jpg
Well not much excitment since then but I do hope th bunnies come back. I must be sure to have seed down so they dont eat my flowers. Hmmmmmmmm they look like they would eat a lot.


Merlesworld said...

We have lots of rabbits here but I have never seen one in my backyard.

Magic Love Crow said...

Those hoops are cool! I love the bunnies! We have some big ones like that around here too! And, they do eat a lot! LOL! I hope you have babies ;o)
Love the doves and cardinals ;o) Hugs ;o)