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Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's here, it's here...........

That clean up time of year..........and oh what a mess it is. Gerry went outside today to do a litte raking. I swept the deck and paths. So much mud. Well, especially because Tristen has been playing out there in it. The snow broke the fences. I am actually happy about that because it means I have to do something about it. We have wanted a higher fence for a long time but could never aford it. Now we have no choice. Meanwhile things are starting to grow.
 photo 04bc3539-9eea-4fa3-b568-55fcec476d0c_zpsd3950533.jpg
 photo 6719d430-3e7a-42ad-89a8-313e8ed0d2db_zpsa7144afe.jpg
The poodles are just soooooo happy to get off the deck and recheck their territory.
 photo f3552ef0-0199-481e-9992-7b883a568cc7_zps430f10f0.jpg
Bodicea enjoyed the sun
 photo 48a10ad7-7e2a-400c-9be7-01144b881d81_zps3303ef89.jpg
Can you see Bijou on the snow?
 photo 036f30e7-ecbf-4f76-aa11-565e32e5df46_zpsd9b4c7f8.jpg
Then someone came to Buds house and everyone went to check that out. We had a poodle path there but took it out.
 photo 6a73445f-11e6-4a9a-a247-43639cdb5c86_zpsb7527dd6.jpg
Boots the cat came with the poodles and showed them around.
 photo d2fa732f-a864-4414-9380-39d0847db607_zps9a342603.jpg
 photo beae6cac-7d73-4edb-8640-aab0f722a6eb_zps53f27844.jpg
This is Boots after a reprimand for watching the fish. Hmmmmmm
 photo 4c11e0bd-b8c3-419b-a4ec-160c6fc17ab1_zps2519e7da.jpg
I can not wait till all the snow is gone so all the old leaves can be raked up and the tidy up can begin.
 photo e993df5c-b1c1-41d2-8756-2a8a36905c8f_zps330f879f.jpg
 photo a7bf661a-b673-40d5-b9e2-1bf740ff16cd_zps24067a01.jpg
 photo 26bc7ccb-8dd5-481a-8b90-edfa983f7163_zps2c8b1c04.jpg
Boots has been able to go where she wanted all winter but the poodles were confined to the poop deck. That now needs a good hose down. Next week mayb we can get that done.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is both my favorite and unfavorite time of year, LOL. So much clean up. I like to have at least the front yard looking nice by Easter, but may not have time this week to clean inside and out. The poodles all look happy to be able to run free again!

Magic Love Crow said...

This is such a fun post! I love seeing the poodles out and about ;o) Boots is so cute! Love that tongue ;o) LOL! I haven't been able to step into our backyard, just too muddy! Hopefully next week ;o) Hugs ;o)