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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow............

We have had a few dustings of snow but today it has stayed. Well its sort of slush now but its cold and so is slick on the roads. I can not believe the number of accidents last night.
So in my garden is a dusting of the stuff and Tristen was eager to get out in it.
 photo 654d5005-9c25-477f-a8b6-180bafaaf358_zps27d94f27.jpg
So off he goes, no gloves and no socks. Just his coat and shoes. Look at those fingers
 photo d41ca5ba-0a2f-40a6-bb1c-2b38a56d2a66_zpsd89295f2.jpg
Frozen roses

 photo 416d84fc-3957-474a-a72e-c8f36ebca8c6_zps14109ddb.jpg
Next he tries his snow pants and a the way, he was told to stay inside and so he is sneaking off to do this. I am watching from the open window.
 photo 3bd1b35e-3492-4e67-85c5-e309cd8cec59_zpsf98b6519.jpg
He wont come in to dress properly he says he has to clear the path
 photo e0e9eedd-17e2-4cc4-8cd1-8eb4a92833a0_zps85d73b1a.jpg
The Blue Jays are back
 photo 51b35ed0-68a6-4fa9-b8c8-730da4bb004a_zps7238c2bb.jpg
There are plenty of grapes for the birds. They are looking pretty good.
 photo e22f1da0-e5f0-45fa-bfd7-380540d16006_zps74b629a5.jpg
Its hunting season so I hate to see any snow on the ground to make tracking easier for anyone. Its inevitable is November after all.


Loredana Donovan said...

We had a bit of first snow here today, too. It's all melted already. Cute pictures. Love the bluejay. Stay warm :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Tristen is a good boy clearing the path ;o) The blue jays are back here too ;o) I think we are suppose to get rain on sunday! That means our snow will be gone! Love the pictures ;o)