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Friday, November 8, 2013

Berries for the Birds...........

 photo e1e02c70-9f4c-4eda-b102-03ec0a00b958_zpsf2199c95.jpg
If the number of berries this year is any indication then I am thinking it might be a harsh and maybe long winter. I sure hope not. I am not ready for winter.
 photo 7cba8808-e432-4f5c-88d4-d25b927bdf2e_zps9688c599.jpg
The Robins love the Mountain Ash and there must be a lot this year because we still have a lot on our tree, the Robins must have loads to choose from.
 photo d7a498dc-1013-49b3-8038-fb48e2f802f5_zps1995e16a.jpg
The Holly is full of berries, I am not sure who likes to eat those but the small birds love the Deadly Nightshade, hmmmm I wonder why it does not harm them?
 photo 6306db39-0ba8-4bbe-97aa-e3fcf6a71d5f_zpsb86ff66e.jpg
The the Rose Hips and Haws.........those can make great tea and other good things.
 photo d8b95591-fc18-4fbc-a0c1-f5bb3c53e2b3_zpsa8deb817.jpg
The birds really have not been too busy at the feeders yet .....must be loads of food out there for them at right now. Won't be long though. I have filled up the feeders, I know they will soon need the seeds and other foods. Once they begin to come back I will put out suet and other goodies but not yet.


Magic Love Crow said...

Our yew trees had lots of berries and our tree in the front of our house, but I forget the name of it! LOL! But, all the berries are gone now! I have our feeders up ;o) We will see how the weather goes? Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Still lots of berries around here, too. We are supposed to get the first snow (I don't expect it will amount to anything) Monday night into Tuesday. Most of the leaves are off the trees here.