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Monday, November 18, 2013

Amish Country.....

On Saturday my friend Edna and I went off on an adventure..........well to me getting out of the house these days is an adventure. We went to Scottville. A very small town in the southern regions, well maybe more middle regions of Michigan but on the coast. Well anyway it was away from here. The day started out sunny. We had expected storms. Well it did get overcast but remained quite nice considering. So we headed down to Amish Country. I love old barns and we saw this one on the way

 photo 1de300c3-61c2-42bb-8009-2df1c5b0c7bd_zpsa5772c88.jpg
There is a store down near Bear Lake that Edna loves and now I do too. Been there several times now. It is run by Amish people and so the products are awesome. It smelled wonderful because Saturday is baking day, but I didn't buy that this time. Last time I got butter, ooooooh boy. I can't do that again, I ate it too quickly. It's so good. A couple of weeks ago when we went to see Nancy I got butter and cheese. Two of my favourite things. This time I bought Tristen some wooden puzzles (hand made) and some pickles. I also bought some cook books and a skillet. There is so much there, so many great things. I love to buy the herbs as well as dairy. This is not my picture but this is what we saw last time we were here
 photo b141dbd9-8936-4097-a363-64e98947affb_zps57762c31.jpg
The trees were bare of leaves but full of apples.
 photo 0e89d0eb-e042-4bb3-b3c7-1b563fca4aaf_zps61c66351.jpg
They were thick on the floor
 photo 8e2a7129-a0ed-479d-be1b-72621b4ef2e2_zpsbfd0bfb2.jpg
We had a look inside the little one room cabin that was for sale. The people there make wonderful things. I stood inside and planned it all out where everything would go and how cozy it would be.
 photo 0ec213b3-f583-4697-a019-8907ae324ef3_zps5e4ded05.jpg
Across the road was a quilt shop so this is always a good place for us to stop. We continued on to our destination. A craft store of sorts that sells things for bargain prices. We had lunch in a small cafe and looked at the antiques in another part of another variety store we went to. We found another quilt shop and although I didn't buy fabric I bought a tea set that was on display. Could not resist. It was more of a chocolate set I think. White with small rose buds 4 cups, a teapot, sugar and creamer. Cute as a button. I also found a glass flower vase organizer, you know those things with holes in them that help you arrange flowers nice. Do not know what they are called. I would take pictures but its too dark now.
All in all a nice day out. We miss Nancy but we sure didn't run out of things to say. We stopped in at The Pig Patch, another favourite quilt shop before heading home.
 photo a79f1eb0-d49e-41c3-bb87-316d7dbffe41_zps6fd651b8.jpg
It was raining by the time we got home but I carried a box full of goodies into the house. A great day out and certainly relaxing.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

The flower arranger things are called "frogs". I love that thought - a frog sitting in the vase holding up flowers. It sounds like you had a fantastic trip.

Magic Love Crow said...

A fantastic day indeed!!!

N Buckles said...

Another area in Michigan that I need to visit now...