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Friday, January 18, 2013


I have been trying to encourage the Starlings to come in and feed. Finally got a flock that has come two days in a row. They should, I have put out good stuff for them.
Why don't people like them? They are pretty birds and gregarious, squabbling and chattering. They are sort of mean to each other though...........certainly will fight for the best portion of food.
{Starlings have diverse and complex vocalizations, and have been known to embed sounds from their surroundings into their own calls, including car alarms, and human speech patterns. The birds can recognize particular individuals by their calls, and are currently the subject of research into the evolution of human language.} That quote is from Wikipedia and I include that because I did not know that. I knew that Magpies and Crows did immitations but not Starlings.
Waiting for dinner..............

The Starling has wonderful patterns on his feathers. Take a close up look....

Every feather is tipped or edged with a contrast colour


When one finds something special he can not keep it to himself to enjoy...........his flock mates barge in and take what they can


Other birds seem to stay out of the way of the Starlings. So I put their food on the floor so the small birds can still get to the feeders. Sometimes it works. Chickadees will take on a Blue Jay so these don't bother those feisty little things.

The poor things were so cold. I can not imagine how their poor feet must feel.

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Rosemarie Baker-Ball said...

Just realized you had a blog... I had noticed that you mentioned it from time to time on Facebook - but I didn't have the link until you posted it! I love looking at the birds you post pictures of that frequent your garden :) Thanks for posting :)

Bobbie said...

Bird watching is one of my favorite pastimes and you've provided a lot of neat information! Reminds me to go check my bird feeders in the back yard. I've had a lot of red bird visitors lately

Magic Love Crow said...

What a gorgeous bird! Even though I love my crows, I do truly love all birds ;o)

Linda Bouffard said...

I love starling also. I was a nature rehabilitator (which means I'd get baby birds to take care of when they got turned in to the local nature center). This one time I was given 4 little birds that I was told were blue jays. Well, as they got bigger they didn't turn blue. As it turned out they were starlings. They were the cutest things!! They never shut up - even when they were sleeping they made a slight brrring sound. Funny, I know that sound even now. Anyway, they stayed on my screened in porch and made a mess for a while. I'd let them out and they'd fly back in but one day they didn't fly back in. Sniff. Then I cleaned up the porch but I have always loved starlings since then. Thanks for this and also any other "wild" pictures you can show. You can use my pictures anytime you want but my pictures are about crafts and food and stuff. Take care, I'm following you now. Linda