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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frosty morning........

The windows on my van this morning......very pretty. My husbands truck (snicker) the handle was frozen and came off in his hand. It was 10 degrees by the time he left for work at 8.30am. Not sure of overnight but it was pretty nippy.



I wish I could get a good picture of how the snow sparkles in the sun.

It was truly beautiful. Like someone had sprinkled diamonds on the bushes.
Bodi found a spot of sun, sat down and got back up right quick....think it was a tad cold on the old bottom.
Not much activity out there until it began to warm up. I wonder what the critters do to keep warm. The Chickadees were fluffed and busy flitting too and fro, I suppose just to keep warm. There is plenty of food to keep them going though. I think I better put some fat out tomorrow. Peanut butter on an apple is popular.

Meanwhile these berries were looking bright against the snow and sun.

The sky was a wonderful blue with white fluffy clouds

Frosty Morning
by Marilyn Knowles Wilke
Created on: December 02, 2010

Frosty mornings glimmer,
tiny lights from winter dew;
casting glints of shiny highlights,
upon colors or clear through.

Glazed sheets of icy splendor,
crunching crisp beneath our shoes;
peeping sun light glows upon it,
lighting of creation's fuse.

Icy sheen upon green pastures,
hiding blades of greenish hue;
once a field of feasting cattle,
now of glassy frozen dew.,

Frosty morning coldly greets us,
sliding shoes before a fall;
brings about unusual laughter,
God's creation, frost and all.

Rachel McNaughton.....Frosty Morning.


Magic Love Crow said...

What beautiful pictures! There is something about the snow, that is truly magical! Love the poem!

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Love your photographs!...But I still don't miss the snow.

Thanks for enjoying my Whimsical Snowman painting!