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Saturday, December 1, 2012

So....on to December.............

I have been sick and so I still have not got out into the garden to work. The weather is always perfect when I have no ability to do it. We have had a dusting of snow. Not enough to stop me doing what I still need to do, but something just keep's popping up. I need to prune the roses. I wonder if they will mind a pruning in the Spring. I must read up on that. I am missing the flowers but we have quite a few berries this year. I must get some more bushes that have berries for the birds. They have been here constantly. I notice on the days that its really cold or windy they stay away and as soon as the sun pops out they are back. The Chickdees today came enmass
As I have nothing prepared for today you are being treated to some pretty pictures. These are the last of my neighbour Buds chrysanthemums. He cut them all back and these were still so nice.


Well I am glad I rescued them because they lasted for quite some time.


Maybe next time I can fill the space with a little more whit and a better subject. For now cherrio or tata for now.


Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, beautiful flowers! Everything has went to sleep here! I was surprised last week, we had a big evergreen taken down and the guys were afraid they were going to crush one of my rose of sharon trees. They took it out of the ground? And, put it back in when they were done. I was like, it's going to die! They said no, it's sleeping, it's fine. They said, if they had of done it in spring, she would have died. I thought that was interesting! Hope you are feeling better!

Marissa Sobaskie said...

How lovely! I have garden envy. :)