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Monday, May 20, 2019

Back to cold again..........

The garden is coming on nicely now, but it's got cold again. I fear for the plants I have in now. I dare not get the annuals just yet. The beginning of the season is the end of May and it looks like this year that'll be about it too. Other years I have had everything in by now. I am enjoying time on Pinterest getting ideas, writing them down and hoping for the best. I did get the garage/shed sorted out and found my lost box of garden stuff just in time. Now I should know where everything is. I really want to go to the garden center and get more stuff but I daren't. There is so much left to do. The back is done for now until I catch up out front and that's a big job. I want to dig up all the ferns and plant them out back but it's too overwhelming right now. First I must weed before anything else. So today I got cracking at that chore......

Well I am 1/2 way now out front. With luck the rest tomorrow.
I did end up going to the garden center today. For the side I got two Boston Fern at 12/99ea

I have them on Shephers hooks in that entrance.
I got some ornamental grasses. I found this Japanese one, red and green. It's a Perennial so I do hope it comes up.

I really like the Lime green ones and so got a couple more of those to go in darker places. I also got a couple of Hosta and a couple of other things for the shade garden in the back.

I did get a couple of annuals for some colour but I really don't like to spend money on things that don't last.

The back shade garden has always been Hosta's but I have read that several other things like shade so I am experimenting this year. I bought some Ferns to see how they do, I also bought an Astilbe and a couple of other things. The Trillium like it as do some other wild flowers but they are over and done so quickly. When I get a chance I will transplant some of the Ferns from the front and Violets and Forget-me-nots. They can grow or not, up to them. I need to get them out of other gardens anyway.

I have bought Dairy Doo and Potting soil to help replenish things. What was the veggie garden last year is now plants and Herbs. It didn't have enough sun for the vegetables. I keep trying to fill up the gardens so I can stop buying stuff but it never seems to work. Some things just take over and others just do not flourish. My Hosta never get big unless they are in pots. Has to be the soil and too much shade.

I have seen a couple of Butterfly this year already and that's hopeful as I really didn't see many at all last year. I have put out plenty of water dishes. I put marbles in some so that Bees and Butterfly can use them. The birds have several Bird Baths now as well. The big fountain doesn't hold water anymore so this year I will put flowers in it. The side garden I made last year for veggies will go into flowers this year. I give up on growing Vegetables. Its too expensive. My Rhubarb did come up though and that will stay. I put two rose bushes in that I got for 5 dollars each so I hope they grow. Should be just enough sun for those. I noticed all my roses from last year have sprouts on then so at least they did survive the Winter.

I am really loving finding ideas on Pinterest for garden decorations. Rustic things. I need to finish the fence this year and have a plough, an old chair and the wheelbarrow in the back. I will finish that off once the fence is in. Maybe some yard sales will yield some more treasures this year. I would love some old wheels to put up by the fences out back. I love old boxes and Milk churns, that sort of thing. When the some comes out I will take pictures of how everything is right now. I have an abundance of treasures in the garage and now I can see what I am doing maybe I can come up with more good ideas. Too cold today though So I will sew instead. I need to get that out of the way so I can paint some garden signs. I have collected wood to do that. As well as some stone/pebble art. So many ideas, so little time. I need another pair of hands.
This is my little area I sit and paint when it gets hot

The birds are enjoying the bird baths I have all around now.

Things will look much better when things begin to bloom. Meanwhile, look what I found in the back garden.

More in a few days. Rain tomorrow.


NanaDiana said...

Hi Janice, I guess I didn't realize that you did so much gardening. Everything is looking good. I really love the blue of that birdbath! I like your little corner where you sit and paint, too.

We have had an exceptionally cold, rainy spring. Trees are just now starting to leaf out and I did put 3 potted plants out. We will see how they do.

Have a wonderful night, Janice. I miss being able to visit as often as I did. xo Diana

DeniseinVA said...

You're going to be busy Janice and have been, all a labor of love. I have enjoyed reading your post and seeing your lovely garden.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I don't know how you do it? Girl, you are busy! You must love to garden! LOL! I am more of a natural freak! LOL! Even with weeds! LOL! Your gardens are looking amazing! Big Hugs!