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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Blue Jay Afternoon...........

Well there is just a dusting of snow, it sort of improves things. There are so many leaves still on the ground and looks now as though they will stay there. I guess that the ones on the garden may just decompose and be a good thing. The ones on grass can get mowed. No problem, except if he trys to use the snowblower haha. Ooops that may be a problem. Since he doesn't have to work, and the snowblower is on the blink I guess it won't matter.
 photo 119_0649_zpsqxemi52f.jpg
I haven't seen the Possum (Apossum) in a few days now, I hope he's OK. I put Coopers pumpkin out back for he animals to eat and they have broken through into the seeds already. So anyhoo I did get the inside decorating done and the outside is sort of done. Can't say I am happy with it because I still don't have lights on the front porch. There are lights out back on the garage but when I look at what everyone else has done it's pretty pathetic. Out front I have two spindly lights and a sick deer.
 photo 119_0718_zps4maocmy8.jpg
The back deck looks sort of OK but maybe I can work on it now inside is done. Back to the Blue Jays. Today they really enjoyed the peanuts.
 photo 119_0665_zpsqe0xbe2f.jpg
 photo 119_0650a_zpswqejzei9.jpg
 photo 119_0651a_zpsshafb3tj.jpg
 photo 119_0655j_zpsoq3otcax.jpg
They were enjoying things until the Squirrels showed up. There were about five Blue Jays. I put out some water for them, they had been going down to the pond. There is chicken wire over the pond so hopefully they can't fall in. I noticed last year that the birds enjoy the pond in Winter.
 photo 119_0657h_zpshbpokuuk.jpg
 photo 119_0659a_zpssrypmkyy.jpg
There was avout 5 squirrels too, the brown one is a bit of a piggy. He really loaded up yesterday but came back today.
 photo 119_0675k_zpslllusoqt.jpg
 photo 119_0677h_zpsbbhxpkti.jpg
The birds all seem to take their food away
 photo 119_0678k_zpsj33cvlom.jpg
 photo 119_0679k_zps8mf19pml.jpg
Taking a sip
 photo 119_0681_zpsryvzitcn.jpg
 photo 119_0683n_zpsloutj259.jpg
 photo 119_0684k_zpsdbzzl3mz.jpg
 photo 119_0686h_zpsuaeqqtww.jpg
 photo 119_0687k_zpsmtp86u0f.jpg
Blue Jays are very lovely birds, such a pretty blue.
 photo 119_0689j_zpsxrm6wwwd.jpg
 photo 119_0690j_zpsufoszbsp.jpg
I guess this is a rather boring post, guess things will be rather boring till Spring. I am not sure if I want to keep this and my Pretty things blog going next year. I could in fact just keep everything on one blog. We shall see.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Not boring at all! But, you might want one blog. It would be easier on you! I love your animal photos so much! I never thought of putting water out for the birds! Great idea! Big Hugs!