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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Front Porch...............

I have never really liked my front porch. It was not too bad when it had the vines growing up it. Now it's way too open. Its also rather awkward looking. I have a bench over near the window because I don't want it getting too wet when it rains. The rocking chair gets wet and has to be painted now and then to keep it from falling apart.
When Gerry works on the outside of the house I am thinking we will put rails up. Wooden spindles like we put on the rental house. (That is going to be for sale soon) Maybe enclosing it will be better. Maybe then I will feel more like cleaning the ceiling and getting rid of cobwebs. I do like decorating for the seasons though. Now is Autumn.
 photo 20171016_145530_zpsqt4qtamy.jpg
 photo 20171016_145343_zps71kctpdm.jpg
I do not do Halloween but I do love the Autumn. Cooper got a couple of pumpkins something I don't normally do. However if it's not carved I like them, just buy fake ones haha. I do have some pretty little gourds and last time I got some the critters ate them.
 photo 20171016_145344_zpss2j7wsyk.jpg
 photo 20171016_145409_zps5gzkoda7.jpg
By finding the Autumn stuff up in Alex's closet I happened to get that sorted out. Woo Hoo two jobs accomplished.
 photo 20171016_145429_zps4i9edirb.jpg
I have, somewhere, stuff for all seasons. It's a matter of finding them every year. Well they are back in the garage now,the summer stuff that is. I wanted to keep them all in the house so I knew where they were but they have been changed around so many times it was a guessing game again. So now, back to the garage at least till next year. Was a bit put off by resident spiders or at least cobwebs. One day I will be organized. I had the stuff handy until I had to empty closets when Gabby moved in.
 photo 20171016_145440_zpsh0buxyhg.jpg
I could use a table top ornament so maybe I will do some thrift shopping and see what I can find. I just can't get out of my funk and want to do things.
 photo 20171016_145447_zpsvohvjfch.jpg
The weather has been so nice and I have not had the energy to go walking. I have to snap out of it. I still have loads to do in the house. Also it's time to get stuff in for winter and it aint happening. Tomorrow is another day.
 photo 20171016_145530_zpsqt4qtamy.jpg
Well all I can say is it better not snow...................I don't know where the winter/Christmas stuff is haha


Maureen Shillabeer said...

I think your porch looks great .Love the imitation pumpkin on the table near the chair.

Magic Love Crow said...

I truly think everything looks so beautiful! I love it all! Take everything one day at a time Janice! Big Hugs!