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Monday, May 12, 2014

A spring drive.................

Sunday was Mothers Day. Laura, Reina, Gerry and myself went out for a ride as it was such a pretty day. I should have stayed and worked in the garden but, well I didn't. We rode out towards Empire. Dan told us the Dune drive was open so that's where we headed to. We took our time looking for birds and animals along the way. I don't know why it's such a thrill to see animals living their lives free and yet it's such a harsh life. So many dead deer in the woods this year. Bad for the deer yet sustenance for others.
Below.....the Trout lilly
 photo 915ae96f-46e7-4880-9e53-55325cdf4a10_zpsd9a24537.jpg
The Trillium are not quite out yet. We had hoped to find Morel's (mushrooms) but no luck. I was not particularly interested because I was taking pictures of the flowers.
below.....Trillium, not yet fully open
 photo 65db1122-502b-4d9a-8f95-8c0c68ea1310_zps423d6c4f.jpg
Spring beauties
 photo 5e3988c5-d8fe-4d78-91ac-ddd329d7309a_zpsd7bccc71.jpg
Dutch mans breeches
 photo 8e670c7f-bf0f-4415-960a-87549aff2e25_zps74d1d420.jpg
WE had gone on an old road in an area we used to live and stopped to walk in the woods. Well further along is an old farm that has been abandoned for many years. Someone has bought the property and built there. We stopped anyway to take pictures because it does not look as though it will be standing much longer. We were watching some crows who were chasing a larger bird. We could not quite see but I think it was a Turkey Vulture.
 photo 3fe3db2c-88a5-4ad2-ad54-a3b914bb4b97_zpsccc61e57.jpg
The poor old house looks so sad
 photo 4594d32c-bce4-49c8-b63c-eb3137b68c6a_zps13183b87.jpg
There is no saving them, along that road when we lived out there were several very old log cabins. They are entirely gone now. This will soon be the same. There was an old well there and a water pump. This is a picture of me and Gerry, I am trying to catch the hawk or buzzard, still trying to see what it was.
 photo 8e6d87c6-467d-4974-aab7-9c36771aa0c2_zps45bb4079.jpg
Next stop was a picnic as we left without a thought to lunch. Reina had wanted a picnic but we were not planning on anything so we just stopped at the small store in Maple City and then at the park. Expensive picnic but we do what we must.
 photo 1b68fe56-fe53-4173-9b42-0790db12dc2a_zps2af7fa0f.jpg
Laura and her sandwich, Reina is off playing on the playground.
 photo e78b056a-6da6-4879-a63a-b8b526ecd365_zps96848a71.jpg
I will write another post about the next part of our afternoon tomorrow.

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What a beautiful afternoon ;o) Really enjoyed all the pictures ;o) Hugs ;o)