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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A quick walk..................

After our longer than expected walk yesterday we decided we really wanted a walk but we wanted a short one. We had gone shopping at Kohl's and Michael's. This is a trail we walk often. Come to find out they are going to extend it.
 photo 50b4b35a-4021-4803-9592-edcb6f006ba9_zpsd1df02f0.jpg
 photo b13c8833-2c39-4a6a-8b37-c8663d38e0a4_zps53a26c99.jpg
This trail is upon land once roamed by the Oleson buffalo herd. The land was sold and The Great Wolf Lodge was built upon it. Between that and Kohls is a small tract of land where Kid's Creek runs through. Rather than disrupt all that the land is set aside and now the nature trails are there. Behind all that is more open land so it will be cool to see where the new trails will be.
Anyway, this day we went around the ones available
So Tristen was off and running. We stopped to look at the streams where little bridges cross them.
 photo f97de4fc-f59d-4c1b-b203-12a329bc9fbb_zps4dde4be7.jpg
 photo 5ecfeeee-2274-49cc-bf81-648ccc2fdc6b_zps12d5168d.jpg
Looking back up the hill, its again hard to realize that we are right in town here.
 photo 0b3582c7-b7f6-4144-9321-3501b15a8f7c_zps62493fed.jpg
So the path we took to the left circles and we then come to a pond. Its a little fishing pond where people can take their kids.On the other sideis a disused irrigation thing, we were not sure it it served the farm or ran on somewhere else. It looked like it was a small dam of some kind. It looked like sluice gates.
 photo 3a673ddb-8b12-4257-a3ee-d0983fd8e9a6_zpse7dba2a9.jpg
On the roof of an old abandoned hut was a turkey vulture. I think he and his friends were hoping to get a pair of ducks who had a few babies. The babies were being bad and not staying with their parents. The vultures left when we arrived. Then they went through a channel into a swampy area through a pipe. Well a couple of the naughty babies got left behind and were setting up a bit of a racket. The daddy duck flew back into the pond to get them rounded up.You can see he is listening to their wails of displeasure
 photo 201b6c89-1a43-4ebd-b7c8-64828860caec_zpsea2554da.jpg
 photo 2a9128aa-bce8-4286-829b-59785f9206ab_zpsc455af49.jpg
We went through yet another cedar thicket (they are all over in Michigan)
 photo 83a3c7be-a67b-4aa4-a7c3-11a7a5bd6945_zps9c9424d6.jpg
Trees are beautiful things
 photo 1d5e61f1-8088-4097-afd1-647fb1e5a414_zpsc3fd4de9.jpg
 photo 4246785e-4e54-4fd6-aece-17db8692dcd7_zpsee4e3dca.jpg
In the branches were Yellow finches singing sweet songs.
 photo e8737c78-a428-4420-9772-2fc978b73910_zps4360a885.jpg
The brilliant blue and yellow and lime
 photo 6c058e7b-e9e2-4d57-abb7-6860613d378a_zpsf15f80f0.jpg
As we came out of the wooded area we saw a very large fish in the creek.
 photo 242d1792-f02f-4cba-bebb-4b5168d65e15_zps1232c931.jpg
 photo 8c653653-4788-4595-823c-03cde42b1f0c_zpsb3dfca34.jpg
Beautiful trees. This one is so soft, it looks like a pine with pine cones but it's different. I think it's a Tamarack (Larch)
 photo af11842c-7f53-4623-a378-186ad93dfbf5_zps07ffef2d.jpg
On the clear spring water there is watercress growing
 photo 6c9e4c6e-7e99-4ac9-9e3d-c50d873f6363_zps69c47f17.jpg
If you know what to look for there is plenty to eat out there in the wild. After all man has not always grown gardens. Know your surroundings. You never know when that information may come in handy. This day we found frogs. Lots of them
 photo e384aa84-e003-410a-a632-77d3a0791da1_zps5c9eb45f.jpg
Just a few more things.
 photo c97759bf-1d96-440d-ba5b-90613e2b6b6e_zps932d45d3.jpg

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

It is so nice that all of this natural beauty is being preserved for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your walk and beautiful photos!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous! So gorgeous! I would love to walk here! Big Hugs ;o)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

You live in a beautiful area of the country, and finally it seems Spring has sprung, even in the northern states.
We have lots of Cedar trees also, they are bad to harbor ticks.
Love the pictures of your frogs, they look like Igor !
I think that's a catfish ? He's huge.
Thank you for sharing your walk with us, I feel as if I were there.

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Hi Janice, it's nice that your county keeps such a beautiful trail and make it available to the public. I love your description of the interaction between the daddy duck and the babies. It never ceases to amaze me that animals are so protective of their babies.