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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Urban Foxes......................

When I was on holiday in England this year, we stayed with my Aunt Liz and Rodney. They have foxes who come in the evening for a meal. In their old home they also had foxes who would come to dinner. The fox has become an urban visitor in the English suburbs. Not so much here in the USA. People here are not so tolerant about wildlife. I suppose a lot of that was because of rabies and disease. I am sure the English foxes are not free of disease but they are made welcome anyway. The farmers maybe not so tolerant because of chickens or livestock, but in the suburbs they seem more welcome.
This man took in an injured fox and rehabilitated it. Some of my friends (in England) say they are a pest and go after their chickens, that they would just kill it. So I suppose you are either an animal lover or not. You either love them and want to save them all or see them as a curse and just something to hunt. I would be sure my chickens were safe and secure at night and probably feed the foxes. This would be heaven for me


They are just so beautiful, they say they would not make good pets. I don't really believe it.
Yes they may not tolerate children, who knows, I would not chance it but I think like most animals they behave as they are taught.


Well if we cant domesticate them can we just leave them alone to live out their lives in peace, learn to get along. Obviously they can get along with dogs.......


I am sure I could have one that would love to snuggle with my poodles but they wont let me have one and none live around this town. We are more likely to have Coyotes here. I have seen fox but not often and usually not healthy ones. The coyotes would eat my poodles so cant have one of those either. Maybe a wolf?


Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful animal! I agree, leave them alone, to live out their lives in peace and learn to get along! I love animals! I think a world without them would be so sad!

John | Fox Repellent Expert said...

Foxes are indeed beautiful animals. It's so nice to be able to see them so close at hand in the garden. I'm not sute about the idea of keeping foxes as pets, but they are definitely a sight to behold, particularly in urban areas!