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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Garden visitors..........

I took a break from my blogs while over Thanks giving. I was also sick and had no energy for it. I did manage to get some bird pictures though. Pretty much the same ones show up all the time. It looks as though the Red Bellied Woodpecker is going to be a regular though. That's nice. Apparently they are moving further north from their normal territory.


Mr and Mrs Cardinal are here regularly again. They look so much better now. I was worried as I had never before noticed the birds during molting season. They all looked terrible but now they are back at their prime I think.
We always know when the Blue Jays arrive. They come several times a day and announce their arrival with loud squawks and shrieks.

They are beautiful birds. Just so noisy.

We got the Yellow Finches today too. We have had the Rosey ones for several days but this was the first time since summer that the yellow ones showed up. They often travel together.

They hang out with the other small birds and its not unusual to see a whole flock of small birds come in at once. Chickadees are here every day

The Nuthatch hangs out with the Tufted Titmouse and the Chickadees among others

The male Cardinal is cheeky and will often hang out in the bushes until the others leave

yellow Finch


Cardinal in the Burning Bush

The Squirrels are being a real pest and about 5 of them are showing up on a regular basis. Trouble is they scarf all the food and keep the birds away. I let them eat but then try to scare them away so I can get my pictures.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Got to love those squirrels, eh? LOL! All your bird pictures are amazing! I truly loved looking at all of them! I hope you are feeling better ;o)