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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Robins are Home..................

One of the first signs of Spring here in Northern Michigan is the sound of the Robin. Then the first sighting. People will always tell you "I saw my first Robin today" then you know that the end of Winter is in sight. Today I heard my first and saw him sitting in the top of a tree. He was singing his heart out but was out of camera range. I had to borrow pictures from the web and photobucket.


The Robins leave us in the north and go south for a warmer winter. My sister in law says they see them in Florida so maybe those are our northern birds. Well they are has been raining all day today so the snow is getting washed away. Soon they will be looking for worms. Goodness knows what they eat before the ground thaws, although they do eat berries and we have enough of those left over.

Robins nest in some unusual places. One nests in my friend Jo's wreath on her garage door. Probably a good job they don't open that door. We have had 3 nests on our front porch, in the vines. One year we had a very fussy Robin who made a fuss and left everytime someone went to get the mail. I think she eventually left the nest. Usually though they come and go ignoring us. I do not make eye contact, I pretend they are not there and they do the same. Mr Robin will sit on a nearby tree and wait for me to leave before bringing in some food. That can be inconvenient when I want to clean the porch.
I will take pictures of them as I can but for now I think I found some nice representations. Who ever took the pictures thank you for sharing them.

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Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Hi, Janice. Thanks for visiting my post on the blooming cyclamen plants. These were ordered from a mail order bulb catalog. If I recall correctly, these were classified as hardy tubers and were available for planting in the fall like tulips. I purchased these Spring flowering tubers and another variety that flowers in the Fall. These are really tiny flowers, like a snowdrop.

You posted some great robin photos. Still waiting to see that first robin of the season in our yard.


Kathy said...

Some super pics you've got here of the robins.