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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cleaning out the Pond..............

The pond was clogged up with a lot of leaves. It smelled horrible. This year with hardly any snow the pond did not freeze as it usually does. Normally we have a heater that keeps it a little open but we had no need of that. Well the only two surviving fish died. Poor things. I always feel sad when they die. We now need to scrub the pond out well and put in fresh water. Get it at the right level for survival and anti chloride it. Although other people say that does not bother their fish, it has always seemed to bother ours. This year I want the pond to be a happy place and for the fish to have a good chance to survive. I will buy bigger ones to start off with I think. Here is Tristen helping Granddad.
I think I will go out to the fish place and ask some questions. I can not afford to have them come and set it up or I would do that. We go to Waterscapes Unlimited in Lake Ann, Mi. Its great for an afternoon out just browsing around their gardens, streams and ponds. Then always, the feeding of the Coy. This year I must get the pond at the right Ph levels. It only very small but intil we get this one right I can not really put in a larger one.
Here is the pond looking pretty.

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D @ The Shady Porch said...

That is a lovely pond even without fish! Anyone would love to have that in their yard. Good job.