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Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 ...........

It has been awhile since my last post. Not a lot to tell. The garden sleeps. The birds have apparently been happy with what nature provides, they have not been around very often this winter. The Squirrels on the other hand. There were 8 out there today. Black and grey.
 photo 103_0137k_zpsewpczbtm.jpg
 photo 103_0132j_zpsoho2yll4.jpg
They even have the nerve to build their house in my tree.
 photo 103_0135k_zpsz2qdhmde.jpg
Laura was here the other day and counted 7 nests (called Dreys) surrounding my back yard.
 photo 103_0132jkl_zpsr9t9cx4i.jpg
I hate to scare them away they need to eat too but, phew!!! they sure eat a lot. I didn't get a picture today of any black ones but this morning there were at least 6 black ones. They really don't fight with the greys any more than between each other. They must also inter breed I think. At least I think I have seen some being extra chummy.
Well the birds have been staying away pretty much. When they do come I fill up so they have plenty. Today the Titmouses (haha) were here. They are one of my favourites. I love the big bright eyes.
 photo 103_0126k_zpsmmsfyhzh.jpg
 photo 103_0124l_zpsaxqk0dbq.jpg
 photo 103_0123k_zpsdjocwaij.jpg
Cuteness overload
 photo 103_0122j_zpszjbefezn.jpg
The Blue Jays come. It's funny but one flys over and then you hear the word go out. Then the flock comes in for a good feed.
 photo 103_2785k_zps_zpsnawvf91b.jpg
 photo 103_2395h_zp_zpsjakzsger.jpg
I had a Nuthatch show up today as well.
 photo 103_0130fg_zpsggonbwqv.jpg
 photo 103_0131j_zpsgf56r3wi.jpg
This guy seemed to be wondering what the heck the blue thing was
 photo 103_0130k_zpsqtvp9lbp.jpg
Well tomorrow I am hoping to go out and look for some good pictures out in the county. Laura is not working and we fancied a drive out to see what we can find. Maybe I can find something to post here. WHo knows, It's supposed to rain in the afternoon but we sometimes get some good pictures when it rains. So stay posted I will see what I can find.


Magic Love Crow said...

What a great post Janice! I love my squirrels!! I think they are so cute! I love the bird photos! Love the one of the bird looking at the blue hanging charm! LOL! Too funny! Big Hugs!

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos!!! :)